Full Lifecycle Services

We work with our clients through the full lifecycle of moving to the cloud.  We are very experienced business technology consultants who understand & embrace the latest cloud solutions.

We help you:

Determine the capabilities you need
Identify & Select the best available solution
Design & Implement a thoughtful, differentiated solution
Provide On-going Support to keep your solution optimized

100% Salesforce Certified Team

We are the only Salesforce partner we know who requires 100% of our team to be certified on the Salesforce platform.

We are not just experts in your industry, we are also proven experts in cloud technology.

We Work With Any Size Business

Our proven, reusable solutions and industry expertise enable us to work well with businesses of any size.  Our projects range from large, multi-year cloud technology programs for Fortune 500 companies, to short, 4 week projects for small non-profits.

We are nimble enough to adjust our services to a wide range of clients.

Regardless of your size, Coastal Cloud allows you to keep focused on running your business while we take care of the technology program.  Our consistent, transparent project management process keeps you well informed along the way. 

Deep Experience In Multiple Industries

Our veteran business technology consultants come from a broad range of industries and business processes.  We infuse our industry best practices knowledge with the capabilities of leading cloud technology platforms.  The result is a powerful set of services tailored to specific industries:

Public Sector
High Tech
Real Estate
Economic & Workforce Development

Unique Domestic Service Model

We believe the Software as a Service (SaaS) technology revolution has disrupted the offshore IT providers in India & beyond.  SaaS implementations are not well suited for armies of cheap, offshore programmers.  The time zone, communications, staff turnover, political risk and quality issues associated with offshore IT significantly undermine the power of SaaS solutions.

Coastal Cloud is a 100% domestic, 100% onshore delivery model wherein our team works hand in hand with your team to rapidly envision, design, implement, and refine highly effective SaaS-based solutions.

We also believe, however, that many domestic SaaS consulting firms are over-priced.

Coastal Cloud is built on a next generation delivery model that maximizes the value available from SaaS solutions.   Our ‘SaaS Solution Center’ is based in a lower cost area of Northeast Florida that provides our employees an exceptional quality of life and an affordable cost of living.  As a result, we attract and retain an exceptional team of consultants with great attitudes & skills with very little attrition.

Our unique operating model allows us to keep our costs reasonable and deliver unique value to our clients.

We Get It Done Faster, Better, And For Less & We Love What We Do!