September 29, 2016

Colorado Economic Development Commission Approves Incentives for Coastal Cloud Based on Projected 51 Jobs

Colorado’s Economic Development Commission on Thursday approved nearly $11 million in state incentives to six employers in return for the creation of 683 jobs, the bulk of them paying more than $100,000 a year.

Of the six awards, five were job growth incentive tax credits and one was a cash award from the state’s strategic fund. Metro Denver was the targeted location for five of the six employers, but one company was leaning towards Steamboat Springs.


The largest award, a job growth incentive tax credit worth $5.2 million, went to a metro area database company using the code name Project Elektra, which is looking at adding 293 jobs in Colorado, Georgia, Illinois or Nebraska. The jobs will pay an average annual wage of $140,956 a year.


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September 28, 2016

Colorado offers $12 million in incentives to companies with high-paying jobs

Colorado Economic Development Commission members approved more than $12 million in job-growth incentives for six different companies Thursday, including several whose average salary would exceed $100,000 if they were to accept the tax credits and grow their work force in Colorado.

The incentive approvals were unanimous from the 11-member board appointed by the governor’s office.

“These companies that pay $120,000 and $140,000 on average, they don’t get much resistance, do they?” noted Dick Monfort, managing partner of the Colorado Rockies and an EDC member.


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