Coastal Cloud Joins Gainsight’s™ New Official Partner Ecosystem for the Customer Success Industry

Gainsight™, the Customer Success company, announced last week at their annual Pulse conference the launch of the first-of-its-kind partner ecosystem for the Customer Success industry. The new ecosystem is comprised of trusted, certified service and technology partners, and is the next evolution in Gainsight’s rapid growth as the premier Customer Success platform. Gainsight designed the ecosystem to answer customer needs for a simple and effective means of implementing Customer Success programs and drive customer-centric transformation. Initial member companies include Coastal Cloud.

In an effort to help drive more impactful outcomes for customers, Gainsight’s announcement of their ecosystem has created a more seamless way to bring together all of the different pieces companies are using to manage Customer Success, in a curated fashion, so that customers can achieve the most impactful results and the best time to value.

“Sales and marketing have long benefited from established ecosystems of services and solutions providers that exist to serve both the breadth and depth of use cases within that industry,” said Nick Mehta, CEO of Gainsight. “With the Gainsight partner ecosystem, we are bringing that same value to Chief Customer Officers and their organizations — creating a trusted roadmap for building and scaling Customer Success and ultimately driving outcomes on behalf of both customer and company.”

“Being a Gainsight partner multiplies the value we can provide to our clients,” said Jamey Jeff, Managing Director at Coastal Cloud. “Leveraging the Gainsight platform in our solutions helps Coastal Cloud consistently connect the different clouds in the Salesforce ecosystem and drive customer-centric transformations for our clients.”

Read the full press release from Gainsight here.