February 6, 2013

Coastal Cloud to start hiring immediately

A projected 100 jobs will be created over three years with the arrival of Coastal Cloud, a new technology-based company slated to open in Flagler County. The first of those positions will be filled quickly: The company plans to open its doors within the month.

Coastal Cloud anticipates hiring 15 employees in its first year, 35 in its second and 50 in the third. It will eventually build a facility in Flagler County, but will lease initially so the business can open quicker.

Coastal Cloud’s goal is to bring cloud-based solutions to businesses both nationally and internationally, and will start by building on the client base the IT consulting service Graphene already has, said Sara Hale, a managing partner of Coastal Cloud. Coastal Cloud will use online services and self-developed tools, to generate custom reports for clients, allowing them to track customers and successes.

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