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Why Coastal in Manufacturing Functional Experts Functional Experts Sales Processes Price & Quote Generation Lead Nurturing Warranty Management Field Service Targeted Marketing Online Shopping Experience Technical Experts Technical Experts Data Integration ERP Expertise Data Security Project Management Change Management Training Real World Experience Real World Experience Many employees previously employed at various enterprise manufacturing organizations. […]

Webinar: ISG & Coastal Talk Data

Leading global technology research and advisory firm ISG sits down with Coastal CTO Jim Stalder to talk about all things data. Don’t miss their critical insights on the biggest obstacles to AI adoption, the place of generative AI inside of a business, and how to think about data. Complete the form to see the full conversation. […]

Coastal Explains Salesforce Releases: Spring ‘24 Edition

Welcome to our blog on the highlights of the Spring ’24 Salesforce release! We’ve got a ton of exciting updates to share, each tailored to different teams and needs.  Here’s a quick overview of what Salesforce has in store this season. You can also click on any headers in this menu to dig deeper into […]

Experience how Data Cloud can impact your organization.

Our one-hour interactive workshop will teach you how to use Salesforce Data Cloud to achieve your business goals. SCHEDULE If you are: Curious about what Salesforce Data Cloud does and how it can best be used in your organization. In need of a complete customer profile to personalize experiences. Focused on simplifying data integrations for […]

Navigating the Salesforce Crossroads

Your Guide to Evaluating In-House vs. Salesforce Managed Services Getting the most from your Salesforce investment goes far beyond the initial implementation — it’s about smartly embedding this technology into your business’s DNA through ongoing management. Just as a business’s strategy adapts, your technology must evolve too or it risks being fossilized. This need for […]

What can Salesforce Data Cloud do?

Customer data is a goldmine that’s often scattered and hard to use. You might struggle with complex integrations, limited insights, or slow performance. Salesforce Data Cloud aims to change that. It’s a central hub designed to streamline how you manage and activate customer data inside your organization and across the Salesforce ecosystem. But what does […]

Unlocking Salesforce’s hidden potential: From silo to growth engine

Any business leader invested in digital transformation understands the power of a unified Salesforce platform. But fragmented departmental use can impede efficiency, hinder collaboration, and stifle progress. What if you could unlock the hidden potential of your Salesforce org, transforming it from a siloed toolset into a powerful engine driving growth? That’s exactly what leading […]

Salesforce Data Cloud: Practical Use Cases for Manufacturing

Manufacturing is a fast-paced world, and businesses like yours constantly seek ways to improve operations and customer experiences to drive growth. Salesforce Data Cloud, a unified data platform, can help you achieve these goals. At Dreamforce 2023, Salesforce announced free Data Cloud licenses so customers can explore its potential and start using it to build […]

A Heart-to-Heart with Manufacturing Leaders during Dreamforce

Discussions at Dreamforce 2023 underscored the pivotal role of data and analytics and how Salesforce Data Cloud can be used to reshape manufacturing. Manufacturing leaders from around the world gathered at Dreamforce, the biggest Salesforce conference of the year, to discuss how technology and innovation are reshaping the industry’s future.  Coastal hosted a peer-to-peer Dreamforce […]

Salesforce Data Cloud

Salesforce Data Cloud & Tableau Free License: No-Cost Strategy Workshop At Dreamforce 2023, Salesforce announced they will provide free limited-use access to Data Cloud and Tableau so customers can become familiar with the new capabilities and develop use case ideas before committing to the full-scale Data Cloud Salesforce license. Bring your toughest questions for a […]

Executive Insights: Top Themes from the Manufacturing Summit

At the Coastal Cloud Manufacturing Summit in Chicago, our experts shared personal insights into the industry’s evolution and how Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud can be used to reshape manufacturing. Coastal Cloud hosted manufacturing executives from Atkore, Argos and other North American manufacturers along with industry experts, leaders, and Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud users, to explore the latest […]

Webinar: Revenue Lifecycle Management – The Fuel to Your Company Growth

In today’s business landscape, proper investment in the people, processes, and technology of the revenue lifecycle is critical in driving growth and success. During this webinar on revenue lifecycle management, we’ll explore how they can accelerate your business. Noel Goggin, CEO and Culture Leader at Conga, and Tim Hale, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Coastal Cloud, […]

Fast Salesforce Org Merge

When you prioritize people above technology, you’ve already taken the first steps to create a successful change management strategy. Our culture-first approach means investing time in creating solutions centered around your workforce—a proven strategy that yields massive dividends. Don’t rely on band-aid solutions that create continual pain points; let us help you create a scalable, […]

Unified Business Insights

Fragmented data and siloed teams make it hard to see the big picture. Implementing a full Business Intelligence tool may seem daunting—the cost, the time, the disruption—but it doesn’t have to be that way. Coastal’s deep experience lets us quickly connect your current systems, providing a clear, executive-level view of your entire business lifecycle. We […]

Webinar Replay: How Top Sales Teams Are Winning Deals and Growing Accounts in 2023

Last week Coastal Cloud’s Chief Revenue Officer, Erik Dunnigan, joined the Prolifiq team to discuss: Why are these topics so important?  The first half of 2023 is predicted to be somewhat unstable in terms of economic health. It’s more important than ever to keep your largest customers satisfied and ready for expansion. Get the Webinar

Webinar: Art of the Possible with Salesforce and Manufacturing Cloud

Ed Tjarks, Director and MAE Vertical Lead for Coastal Cloud joins Greg Pappas, Account Executive, Manufacturing, Auto, and Energy at Salesforce to discuss ways to accelerate your manufacturing organization. They showcase our pre-built, end-to-end solutions that are helping our customers drive pipeline, improve forecast accuracy, self-service, and more. Get the Webinar

Dreamforce 2022: Manufacturing Recap

Dreamforce 2022 was back in action, bringing together trailblazers from all over the world to learn about new Salesforce initiatives. The Coastal Cloud team of Salesforce Experts gathered to hear from industry leaders discussing current issues faced by manufacturers and how Salesforce plans to help them combat these challenges with a data-driven approach. Keep reading […]

Webinar: Get your Contract Lifecycle out of the Stone Age!

As a top Salesforce Consulting Partner, recognized by Salesforce as the number one rated partner worldwide in Customer Success, Coastal Cloud shares our expertise in digital process automation in this webinar, demonstrating the benefit of digitizing your business through end-to-end contract lifecycle management.  Coastal Cloud experts, Brendan Sullivan and Erin Luckner, discuss solutions to eliminate time-consuming manual processes and human […]