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Modernizing a Global Fundraising Organization to Expand Cancer Care

Coastal is partnering with one of the largest fundraising organizations in the world for enterprise-wide modernization spanning multiple Salesforce instances and clouds—all in the name of advancing cancer research.


Since 2019, Coastal has served as the main Salesforce partner in assisting one of the largest healthcare-related charities in the United States.

Communication is essential for fundraising and awareness organizations. Since these organizations rely on donations, messaging operations must be efficient and trustworthy to reach life-saving donors.

This major fundraising charity supports a leading cancer research hospital. Their dedicated call center team relies on their Enterprise Contact Center (ECC) to connect with donors and secure lifesaving funds. Upgrading to Salesforce Lightning was essential to stay ahead, but couldn't disrupt their crucial work. We helped make that transition seamless, ensuring the charity's mission never paused.

Their marketing team wanted to empower individual fundraisers with email campaigns while ensuring a consistent brand voice. Distributed Marketing provided the solution: fundraisers can now personalize their outreach using templates that uphold the charity's messaging, allowing the marketing team to focus on the big-picture strategy.

Finally, the Global Alliance team's CRM was holding them back. To support partners worldwide, they needed a more agile solution. We carefully migrated their data and processes to Salesforce, ensuring a smooth transition. This allows them to focus on building relationships with global partners, not managing their ECC.


The heart of this foundation is its call center—a lifeline for donors. To keep those connections strong, their Enterprise Contact Center needed a careful upgrade. Beyond the Lightning migration, we modernized their website and added chat for seamless support—both for generous donors and the team that serves them.

Behind the scenes, a maze of legacy systems was hindering their fundraising efforts. We streamlined their data management with integrated tools, making it easier to reach the right donors with the right message. This efficiency allows them to focus time and energy on nurturing those relationships.

The Global Alliances team was also ready to scale their impact. In just three months, we equipped them with a CRM built for growth. Now they can partner strategically across the globe, knowing their data and insights are supporting their mission.

Overall, this project wasn't just about technology—it was about unlocking this organization's potential. Their team has better tools, their donors have better experiences, and ultimately, that translates to more lives touched by their incredible work.


Coastal helped this major fundraising organization connect more personally with the people who make their lifesaving work possible. We modernized their call center, the heart of donor communication, preparing it for future growth and a seamless donor experience across channels.

We also empowered their fundraising team with tools that let them tailor their messaging while still upholding the organization's strong brand voice. Now, their message reaches the right donors at the right time, driving greater impact.

Behind the scenes, we optimized their CRM, so managing relationships with partners and donors is efficient and insightful. Thanks to Coastal's expertise and strategic partnerships, all this was achieved quickly and within budget.

Their trust in us means the world, and we're proud to continue supporting their mission as a valued partner.

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