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Women in Tech

Let’s be honest, advancing in the workplace can be difficult for women. This struggle is particularly pronounced in the technology industry, where being the only woman in a room of male colleagues, dealing with unequal pay, enduring long hours and being away from home are common experiences. Women are not only expected to conform to these traditional workplace norms but are also often placed in demanding roles within their personal lives. Many women find themselves needed by their families at home, leading to gaps in resumes and experiences that can hinder their professional progress. At Coastal Cloud, we firmly believe that it’s possible for anyone to have a successful career while also enjoying a thriving personal life.

As the only female-owned Summit Partner of Salesforce, our business is deeply rooted in a culture of inclusivity. We prioritize recruiting the best talent in the industry without discrimination based on race, gender, religion, age, geography, or life experiences. All of this is attributed to our incredibly inclusive culture, which is at the heart of what we do.

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Coastal & The Salesforce Women Founders Group

The Salesforce Women Founders Group is made of roughly 12 women founders of Salesforce partner organizations who have combined forces to:

  • Inspire the current ecosystem;
  • Grow more businesses in the ecosystem;
  • Develop talent; and
  • Elevate the stories of these businesses

The group strives to identify and overcome obstacles (for example, access to capital, cash flow, talent recruitment, etc.), facilitate diversity and inclusion initiatives, and encourage more entrepreneurs in the Salesforce ecosystem to take a chance on their business ideas.