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Finance, Accounting, & ERP Solutions that Simplify Complexity

Accounting Seed

Managing your back office, from accounting standards to supply chain, can be complex. Coastal simplifies these processes with solutions like Accounting Seed and deep expertise in the Nonprofit Success Pack.

Let’s work together to find the right fit for your needs, whether that’s process consulting, new system implementations, or integration with your existing tools.

Complex setups are no problem. We excel at designing multi-platform architectures and ensuring everything works together seamlessly. We’ll create a strong, efficient back office that supports your business growth.

ERP Services

Sometimes, the right solution for your business involves systems beyond Salesforce. Whether you need to integrate with systems like SAP, NetSuite, or healthcare EMRs, we have the expertise. Our team will work with you to design a data strategy that seamlessly connects your essential systems.

This means accurate, real-time data to streamline operations and improve things like patient journeys or qualification processes. With Coastal, back office complexity doesn’t have to limit your growth.

Coastal integrated two legacy ERP systems and rolled it all up into CPQ for an incredible customer experience.

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