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True North: Chart Your Strategic Path to Salesforce Success

Build in the Right Direction for Lasting Platform Impact

Increase the success of your Salesforce implementation by aligning technology and stakeholders to your True North with a strategic roadmap, where every milestone points to business impact.

Get personalized insights to drive greater value.

Whether you’re on the way to implementing Salesforce, you’re creating a business case, or you’re on the platform and exploring further usage, True North is for you.


Flexible, onshore model means quick, quality service in your time zone.

Digital Transformation Projects

Proven approach delivers results, with expertise in navigating complex Salesforce projects.

Clients (And Growing)

5/5 star customer satisfaction score showcases company DNA focused 100% on customer success.

Proven True North Approach

Following a quick and thorough exploration of your business, users, technologies, and data, we verify a future state, delivering a clear roadmap for your path forward. You’ll hear us talk a lot about C.A.R.E.—our approach to identifying the business impact of each initiative; shorthand for:

  • Cost Reduction
  • Acquisition
  • Retention
  • Expansion

Coastal developed a strategic roadmap to optimize our system's processes both presently and long-term.

United Cerebral Palsy

Customer Story

Learn how Coastal is charting the technology course for one of the world’s top medical schools.

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