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Charting the Technology Course for Top Medical School

Using True North to roadmap the solution for a seamless learner journey, where registration, payment, and enrollment flow effortlessly and directly contribute to $140 million revenue target.


This prestigious medical institution leads the way in both research and education. But when it came to managing their learners, they faced challenges. Data was scattered, making it difficult to provide a seamless student experience and get the clear financial insights they needed for planning.

They knew Salesforce could be the answer, but with multiple departments involved, they needed a clear path forward. Coastal stepped in as their partner, ready to devise a strategic solution that would transform the way they serve their learners and achieve those critical financial goals.


Using the True North, Coastal developed a plan that captured the current state and desired outcomes, documenting a clear roadmap with timelines.

The proposed solution involved the development of a learner portal using Salesforce Experience Cloud, providing a branded and intuitive interface for learners to register, pay, and enroll in course offerings.

Salesforce Sales Cloud would manage learner and payment data, while Salesforce Marketing Cloud would facilitate audience segmentation and targeted messaging. Additionally, Salesforce Commerce Cloud would offer a seamless "shopping cart" experience, allowing individuals to register and pay for multiple courses.


With the recommended roadmap, these platforms will be correctly implemented and integrated, allowing the institution to cross-sell and up-sell to its audience, directly contributing to its revenue target of $140 million over the next three years.

Clouds and Products

  • Experience Cloud
  • Commerce Cloud
  • Marketing Cloud
  • Sales Cloud