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Increasing Efficiency with Pricing & Data Solution

Argos' team gains an 84% reduction in manual work following Coastal's Salesforce implementation.


Argos is one of the leading manufacturers of the most frequently used construction material in the world—concrete. The company faced a major challenge when it came to updating its prices. Due to natural inflation and fluctuating commodity prices, Argos' costs and prices would often rise and fall.

Argos’ construction projects (residential or commercial) can last up to seven years. They were juggling long projects in spreadsheets, making it impossible to use data for critical tasks. For example, they couldn’t view projects by division, sales team, industry, or product.

This made forecasting and visibility into the pipeline impossible. Given the length of construction projects, price escalations were common, and if these changes were not effectively communicated to customers, the company risked losing margin. To update every price in their system, a team of workers performed six months of manual work.


Coastal helped Argos solve the issue of manual price entry by improving their existing Salesforce CPQ implementation with a custom-built Lightning web component. This allows users to mass update prices in Argos’ system, reducing price update management from 6 months to 1 month, resulting in an 84% reduction in manual work!

To manage its projects and 200+ plants, Argos is using Manufacturing Cloud as its foundation. This eliminates the need for disjointed spreadsheets and allows them to access all the information they need in one place.

Manufacturing Cloud’s reporting features give Argos the ability to analyze their data in any way they want. For instance, if leadership wants to know the health of a specific division’s commercial projects in a specific month, they can easily obtain that information. Manufacturing Cloud automatically calculates a forecasted view based on desired criteria and pulls quotes from CPQ.

Coastal is now working on implementing Tableau to provide a visual representation of Argos’ analytics. This will help them gain a deeper understanding of their business and make more informed decisions.


Argos relies on its Configure Price Quote (CPQ) instance to accurately communicate price updates to their customers.

Manufacturing Cloud allows Argos to prioritize customer satisfaction by gaining insights into project demand for 200+ plants and projects. It unifies their data and provides comprehensive views of their inventory, orders, pricing, and other vital information.

Once live, Tableau will provide visual insights and bridge the gap between siloed data and a shared view of customer data.

Clouds & Products

  • CPQ
  • Manufacturing Cloud
  • Tableau