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Post-Acquisition Org Merge for Rapid Efficiency Gains

“Without this flexibility from Coastal, we would not have been able to achieve the aggressive timeline.”

Project Stakeholder


When two major companies merge, it can be complex. Often, a big challenge is consolidating the two companies' data into a single system. This can be a time-consuming and error-prone process.

BILL and Divvy were separate companies using different Salesforce instances for years. This meant two unique sets of data, users, and processes. Following BILL’s $2.5 billion acquisition of Divvy in 2021, Coastal was enlisted to advise and execute the org merge for the best-unified customer journey across all product lines.


Using Coastal's org merge methodology, we investigated the health of both Salesforce instances and recommended which to use as the master org going forward (or if they needed to start anew).

Coastal selected BILL's Salesforce instance as the platform on which we would onboard 800+ Divvy users as the BILL org was more aligned to end goals. Beyond Salesforce, our team evaluated 100+ other systems used by BILL and Divvy to decide on the best tools to continue using and which no longer served the needs of the new organization.

We created a project plan, seamlessly migrated the Divvy instance (including 4.5 million records), and went live with a unified Salesforce instance in just four months.

After the initial merge of the two Salesforce orgs, Coastal quickly moved to deduplicate system data. This created operational efficiency that reduced manual tasks by 50% in a matter of weeks. Employees were able to use the time saved to focus on critical business needs.


Coastal successfully consolidated the two companies' data into a single Salesforce instance following BILL’s acquisition—a significant achievement given the substantial amount of data and the importance of maintaining its integrity.

This consolidation has enhanced the efficiency and effectiveness of the combined company by establishing standardized data and processes. When two organizations merge, establishing a single source of truth for customer data is crucial to avoid duplication and ensure seamless collaboration.

Coastal migrated 4.5 million records, which is essential for maintaining a positive customer experience. A key part of this process was the successful onboarding of over 800 users from Divvy to BILL.

To monitor user adoption, Coastal provided post-production support, addressing any issues that arose promptly and effectively after the project's completion.

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