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How a Ministry Streamlined Communication to Reach Millions Worldwide

“At Our Daily Bread Ministries, we use Salesforce Marketing Cloud to communicate with our community in over 150 countries. When we have a challenging problem with our technology, we turn to Coastal. Their expertise in Salesforce systems makes them the perfect partner for the evolution of our global architecture.” 

Christopher Barron, CTO, Our Daily Bread Ministries


Our Daily Bread Ministries (ODBM) has been a beacon of faith and spiritual guidance for over 65 years. Their mission extends far beyond print media, offering devotionals through email, audio resources, and interactive messaging tailored to audiences as diverse as kids, teens, and married couples. ODBM's millions of global subscribers depend on messages in their own language—making personalization a key part of their mission.

However, this mission faced a technological challenge. ODBM's Salesforce Marketing Cloud, while designed for security, became a barrier to efficiency. Their 40+ business units struggled to navigate the complex system. Even basic tasks like list segmentation required IT help tickets, significantly slowing their ability to provide timely, relevant content to their subscribers.


ODBM turned to Coastal to find a solution that balanced security and efficiency. Coastal's Waves contract solidified a partnership, allowing Coastal to act as an advisor and collaborate closely with ODBM's IT Team. We focused on empowering ODBM's marketers to better serve their global audience. Coastal implemented the following key changes:

  • Targeted Preferences: We introduced Salesforce Marketing Cloud preference centers that allowed subscribers to easily choose the types of devotionals they wanted to receive (daily, weekly, etc.) and indicate their preferred language.
  • Streamlined Access: We carefully restructured permission sets within Salesforce. This gave marketers the ability to create tailored lists, segment their audience, and launch campaigns independently.



Coastal's expertise transformed ODBM's Marketing Cloud environment:

  • Relevant Communication: Subscribers now enjoy a refined, localized preference center, ensuring they receive messages in their language of choice.
  • Fast Turnaround: Coastal helped streamline processes, completing a 6-month project in just 12 weeks.
  • Team Efficiency: ODBM marketers can now build campaigns and segmentation lists independently, eliminating the need for time-consuming IT tickets.

Today, Coastal and ODBM continue to collaborate, optimizing ODBM's marketing tools and ensuring the timely, personalized delivery of their devotionals to millions of subscribers worldwide.

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