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Unifying Systems for Data & Efficiency Impact

"Excellent at every step! Highly recommended! Coastal managed risk, communicated effectively, and has been a stellar partner on any project I have worked with them on."


A large materials manufacturer suffered from multiple growing pains that slowed their operations. Their Salesforce system, heavily customized from multiple projects and past consultants, made it tough to adjust their business processes.

This rigidity meant their ERP system wasn't fully connected, leaving them without a clear picture of their overall data. It was like navigating without a map, making it hard to forecast and make big-picture decisions.

On top of that, their central portal for connecting with contractors wasn't talking to their core sales and ordering systems. This disconnect made it challenging to view interactions between contractors and territory managers, manage certifications, or offer the customer service they aimed for.

Even their call center was feeling the pinch, limited in how customer case data was displayed to their agents. These challenges were more than just technical issues; they were roadblocks to their ability to grow and serve their customers effectively.


Coastal kicked off the partnership with this manufacturer by tailoring their Sales Cloud to fit their specific needs, setting the stage for scalable growth.

Next, we tackled the critical task of integrating their ERP with Salesforce, creating a seamless data flow across orders, invoices, products, and shipments. This move not only streamlined operations but also brought previously siloed information into a single, powerful dashboard, making it easy for them to make informed decisions.

The solution continued beyond integration. Coastal systematically resolved long-standing integration issues, refined the order management process, and introduced permission-based invoice generation within Salesforce.

By consolidating all of this manufacturer’s business data—covering products, orders, shipments, and customer info—into one cohesive dashboard, Coastal delivered on the promise of clarity and control.

We also created specialized reports and dashboards, such as the Order Line Report and Sales Order Dashboard, further empowering them with the insights they need to drive their business forward.


Coastal has become this manufacturer's go-to source for Salesforce expertise, deeply integrating with their strategic planning, architecture, and development. Our collaboration delivered practical, customized solutions that fit their immediate needs and equipped them with the foresight and framework to avoid future complications.

The clear results: This large materials manufacturer has already seen reduced technical debt, improved release processes, faster resolution of production-related issues, and more streamlined deployments.

They now lean on Coastal's insight and expertise for ongoing guidance, cementing a partnership that’s as much about navigating today's challenges as it is about securing tomorrow's success.

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