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Future-Proofing a National Nonprofit for Greater Impact

Straight from our client: "It has been a pleasure to work with Coastal. They are knowledgeable, communicative, and efficient. They have ensured that not only we meet our internal goals but have also devised pathways for us to achieve the objectives in a timely manner."


United Cerebral Palsy (UCP), a national nonprofit whose mission focuses on supporting an affiliate network providing support and services to people with cerebral palsy and other disabilities nationwide, needed to invest in updated technology to enhance its operational efficiency and effectiveness.

As part of its strategic planning process, UCP embarked on a technology upgrade, and after an extensive search process, the organization partnered with Coastal to make this happen. UCP had been operating on Salesforce Classic (the original interface) for many years. However, the outdated system lacked the functionality to reduce manual operations and allow more time for staff to focus on its core mission. By streamlining data management and optimizing communication with its vast network of affiliates, UCP is in a stronger position today regarding its data-driven decision-making capabilities and alignment with its strategic goals.


Coastal, an established and trusted partner in the nonprofit sector, recognized UCP’s needs and stepped in to assist. Instead of simply patching up the old system, we proposed a tailored roadmap built around a fresh Salesforce Lightning platform. This future-proof foundation will provide the essential features UCP needs:

  • an upgraded donation platform
  • robust data analysis
  • modern communication tools

Additionally, Coastal understood that beyond UCP’s technological needs, it was essential to ensure real buy-in. Through a collaborative discovery process, Coastal ensured everyone involved grasped the technology’s potential and alignment with UCP’s strategic vision. Weekly progress reports and ongoing training sessions fostered transparency, empowered staff, and built excitement for the future.


The transformation is expected to be remarkable. Anticipated enhancements will support efficient grant management, streamlined referral tracking, and advanced reporting and analysis—all of which should enable UCP to strategically allocate resources where they're needed most.

And the positive impact goes beyond operational improvements. The new technology platform seamlessly aligns with UCP's strategic goals, paving the way to scale the organization’s impact and maximize its reach.

The unexpected plus is that Coastal's cost-efficient approach allowed UCP to complete additional project elements within its original budget.

This experience marks the start of what everyone involved hopes will be a productive, long-term partnership. By tailoring technology to specific needs, fostering understanding, and empowering staff, Coastal is helping UCP transform from tech-bound to data-driven by streamlining operations and amplifying its reach and impact on countless lives.

Clouds and Products

  • Nonprofit Success Pack
  • Apsona
  • Classy
  • Sales Cloud