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Getting Salesforce to Deliver its full Value

Timbers’ number one satisfaction with this solution is a simpler user experience. The streamlining of information in a centralized portal is a key enhancement for the user.


Timbers had experienced a dysfunctional Salesforce project prior to Coastal's and were prepared to migrate to an entirely different CRM. Coastal was able to make enhancements to its existing Salesforce instance and eventually set up a solution that was prepared to handle the effects of COVID-19.

Coastal worked closely with the Timbers Operation Team to manage their budget in order to deliver the most cost-efficient solution possible.


Working closely with Timber’s Operations and Marketing Teams, Coastal provided customized communities for teams and clients. For the Marketing Team, Coastal provided general maintenance services by cleaning up users and data.

In addition, custom objects and APEX work allow Timbers to manage their unique reciprocity program, which benefits their property owners (clients) by offering the opportunity to experience their portfolio of destinations through a convenient online credit system.

The customer portal for property owners at all properties allows them to request reservations in the system, while the Timbers team can quickly manage the requests.


Properties are now listed in a single front-facing platform that combines reservations and information about the Reciprocity Program. Timbers lacked this centralized intelligence prior to Coastal's solution.

Based on new real-time data, teams are now able to reevaluate their focus and ask new questions such as, “Where are people trying to go?” and “Where are people trying to get away from?” Timbers is now able to make data-driven decisions for their business.

Luckily, the solution went live a few days prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing Timbers to manage COVID-19-related requests. The team was able to work and collaborate from one place, instead of working out of several different systems - the perfect setup (and fewer headaches) for working through the pandemic.

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