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Optimizing Program Management for National Nonprofit

Coastal's solution helps this hundred-year-old nonprofit manage and serve its 20,000 participants and 30,000 users across 6 major cities.


This Chicago-based nonprofit provides programs that enable children to overcome situational or socioeconomic obstacles in Boston, Washington D.C., Chicago, Dallas, Kansas City, and Los Angeles.

Some of their programs include “Becoming a Man,” “Working on Womanhood,” “Career Readiness and Success,” and “Parent and Family Engagement.” They meet middle school and high school kids where they are in life, discover their greatest needs, and then provide counselors and resources to deliver outcome-driven support in schools and local communities.

This nonprofit's tech wasn't keeping up with their incredible growth. Serving over 20,000 participants across six cities, they needed a way to easily track their impact.

Data was scattered, making it hard to collaborate and creating extra work for their dedicated team. They also faced the challenge of managing multiple program enrollments and accurately tracking funding. It was time to unlock their potential with a CRM that would streamline their operations and propel them toward even greater success.


Coastal helped this nonprofit streamline their operations and unlock new insights with Salesforce's Nonprofit Success Pack, specifically their Program Management package.

Now, they manage their wide range of programs and thousands of participants from a single, powerful platform. Detailed reports offer data-driven insights about their program's impact, empowering them to make informed, strategic decisions.

Counselors spend less time on paperwork and more time connecting with students, using the CRM to track engagement in real time. Even those positive everyday encounters in the cafeteria can be recorded, building a more complete picture of each student's progress.

Coastal also created an Experience Cloud portal, serving over 30,000 participants and parents. This secure hub makes it easy to find programs, request help, register, and handle things like consent forms. It's a huge efficiency boost for the nonprofit and the families they serve.


This nonprofit chose Salesforce's Nonprofit Success Pack CRM as their foundation. From there, Coastal customized the platform to meet their unique needs, letting their team focus on making a difference, not battling tech headaches.

Experience Cloud revolutionized their consent process with easy, automated tools for parents. Now, parents have a convenient place to explore programs, register, and view their engagement history. This builds trust and simplifies things for everyone involved.

Detailed reporting gives them a 360-degree view of their impact. Metrics on participants and counselors, from formal sessions to "brief encounters," paint a full picture of each student's journey.

With Salesforce, this nonprofit is ready for the future. They can seamlessly expand their outreach, welcome more participants, and track the outcomes that matter most.

Clouds and Products

  • Nonprofit Success Pack
  • Experience Cloud
  • FormAssembly
  • Service Cloud