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Transforming Care with Health Cloud & Data Cloud

In a world where healthcare costs are soaring and consumers expect more than ever, Baptist Health took a bold step. The outcome? Consumers are more engaged, operations run smoother, and providing quality care is easier and more proactive, which helps prevent more serious health issues down the road.


Teaming up with Coastal, Baptist Health embraced cutting-edge technology to make healthcare more effective, efficient, and proactive. They shifted to a consumer-centered approach, broke down departmental silos, and put prevention at the forefront.


Coastal partnered with Baptist Health to put consumers at the center of their pre- and post-care services to make healthcare more accessible and consumer-focused.

Our solution? An integrated, multi-cloud Salesforce platform that helps Baptist connect and guide consumers to the right care at the right time over the lifetime of their healthcare journey.

  • Health Cloud: Baptist Health leverages Health Cloud to deliver personalized care on consumers' terms. Their omni-channel communication adapts to individual preferences for channels and timing, enhancing pre- and post-care experiences. Contact center and service line teams use these tools to speed up access to care, provide timely reminders, and deliver valuable health resources.
  • Marketing Cloud: Baptist Health understands the importance of connecting with consumers on their terms. Through Marketing Cloud, they craft personalized campaigns and employ automated outreach across various channels, nurturing strong patient connections. Each campaign acts as a supportive guide, helping consumers navigate their healthcare journey and stay on course with their care plans.
  • Data Cloud and MuleSoft: Coastal connected multiple data sources (electronic medical record (EMR) systems, Salesforce, consumer surveys) to reduce duplicates and build complete consumer profiles. This enables personalized communication and better coordination of care.
  • Analytics: Baptist Health utilizes analytics to discover new segments of the consumer population, understand the effectiveness of their strategies, and track progress toward consumer goals.

The Introduction Moment

Instead of a one-sided pitch, our initial meeting with Baptist Health was a collaborative spark that led to a trusted, long-term partnership. We listened deeply to stakeholders across the entire organization to understand their unique goals, challenges, and vision for a consumer-centered future.

Our team translated their needs into an achievable roadmap that aligned multiple initiatives, systems, and departments. We didn't just talk about possibilities; we showed them how Salesforce could deliver real results directly tied to their strategic objectives.

We kept asking "why?" and focused on the impact, ensuring everything we delivered aligned with their vision. This approach fostered trust and collaboration, setting the stage for a successful partnership to redefine consumer healthcare engagement for Baptist Health.

The Moment of Trust

Coastal is passionate about user adoption, but even the best-laid plans can encounter roadblocks. In Baptist Health’s comprehensive care model, stakeholders and users weren’t aligned around planned functionalities.

We faced the delicate task of balancing intricate user workflows to ensure successful adoption while staying on track with the project's timeline and strategic goals.

Recognizing the need for immediate action, Coastal proactively realigned the project. We revisited the scope, conducted additional user feedback sessions, and established clear communication channels among all stakeholders: users, Baptist Health leadership, and the Coastal team.

Our flexible approach allowed us to adapt to user feedback and revise the plan. We collaborated closely with Baptist Health to create a revised roadmap that addressed everyone's needs while staying true to the strategic vision.

The Eureka Moment

Imagine transforming how you interact with consumers—not just informing them but supporting them throughout their healthcare journey. That’s what we achieved with Campaign2Care, a groundbreaking approach that goes beyond awareness, connecting data seamlessly to personalize connection and engagement.

By integrating multiple data sources (EMRs, insurance data, and more), we create a full patient profile, including their medical history, communication preferences, and even potential health risks.

Baptist uses this data to understand consumers’ needs and preferences. They connect via people’s chosen platforms at their preferred times to reach them at the right moment in their care journey. Instead of raising awareness via general outreach, Baptist nurtures, qualifies, and supports consumers at every step from pre-care to post-care.

Campaign2Care proves that innovative marketing can be integrated with healthcare, driving engagement, informed decision-making, and better healthcare outcomes.


The ROI Moment

With the system humming, we tracked KPIs to measure the impact of the Salesforce implementation, with compelling results. Personalized messages sent at convenient times on consumers’ preferred channels increased patient visits, appointments, and loyalty. Automated tasks and unified systems streamlined workflows and slashed manual work. Appointment scheduling became faster, operations smoother, and overall efficiency soared. Baptist saw a 25% decrease in average wait time for bariatric surgery and a 200% increase in follow-up primary care appointment conversion rates. This data paints a clear picture: investing in the consumer experience delivers a measurable return on investment, benefiting both patients and Baptist Health. This success story wasn't an ending—it was a beginning. By laying a robust platform, Baptist Health and Coastal now have a springboard to explore new initiatives and make hope, healing, and well-being accessible to every person.

Clouds and Products

  • Health Cloud
  • Data Cloud
  • Marketing Cloud
  • Mulesoft

Coastal is not just a team of Salesforce Experts, they are true partners.

Melanie Husk, Chief Consumer Officer