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Creating Digital Solutions for the 988 National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Coastal is working with Vibrant Emotional Health to develop a fully unified CRM for the 988 National Suicide Prevention Lifeline to support daily operations and functions for crisis centers.


The launch of the 988 National Suicide Prevention Lifeline was a huge leap forward—a promise that help was just three digits away.

But for the dedicated teams at crisis centers nationwide, the increased visibility meant a surge in calls and an urgent need for better tools. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) recognized this challenge and granted funds to Vibrant Emotional Health to develop a unified solution.

The task was enormous. Crisis centers across the country were a patchwork of different systems and processes—some high-tech, some outdated. This meant that the quality of support someone received could depend on where they lived.

Vibrant Emotional Health knew there was a person in crisis behind every call and needed a unified CRM that would empower counselors, streamline processes, and offer a lifeline to those in crisis.


Coastal teamed up with Vibrant Emotional Health to find a solution. Our work has unfolded in three phases:

Phase 1

We implemented Salesforce Service Cloud and Salesforce Health Cloud. This gave counselors a centralized platform designed with their work in mind. Now, instead of juggling outdated systems, they can truly connect with the person reaching out.

Phase 2

Within the first year of 988, we launched a fully translated Spanish chat and text experience. This opened the door for even more people to seek help in their own language, creating a more welcoming and inclusive lifeline.

Phase 3

We prepared for a full national rollout of chat and text (currently live in 30+ states) and made significant improvements to the resource database.


This comprehensive solution helps streamline daily operations and functions for crisis centers, encompassing vital aspects like:

  • Safety Assessment & Call Flow: Efficiently managing calls and assessing caller safety.
  • Data Capture & Safety Plans: Capturing crucial data and creating personalized safety plans for each caller.
  • Referrals & Follow-Ups: Streamlining referrals to appropriate resources and managing follow-up care.
  • Emergency Tracking & Reporting: Tracking emergency responses and generating comprehensive reports.
  • Quality Assurance Reviews: Ensuring the highest quality of care through ongoing reviews.

Counselors across the country now have a tool that truly works alongside them. Instead of navigating clunky systems, they can focus on offering compassionate support and building a connection with the person in crisis. 

The inclusion of LGBTQI+ and Spanish subnetworks creates a more welcoming lifeline, ensuring help is there for everyone who needs it. With an expanded resource database at their fingertips, counselors can offer immediate hope in the form of local resources.  

Ultimately, this work strengthens the lifeline itself, saving lives and empowering people to find the strength to move forward.

Clouds and Products

  • Health Cloud
  • Service Cloud

In the midst of so many moving parts, you all were the steady-state.

Vibrant Emotional Health