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Major Manufacturer Exceeds Goal to Increase Quotes by 36% with Salesforce CPQ

Coastal's solution exceeded this global manufacturer's goal, reducing their average quote turnaround time by 50%.
That efficiency boost led directly to a 36% jump in quote volume.


As a global manufacturer, this organization knows the importance of delivering detailed, accurate quotes. But their existing tools just couldn't keep up. Data wasn't flowing smoothly between their quoting and billing systems, making it tough to get a clear picture of their sales pipeline and make the best decisions for their business. 

On top of that, the quote process itself was a bit of a bottleneck, sometimes taking up to three days to get a proposal out the door. In a fast-paced market, those delays were costing them too many missed opportunities.


Coastal saw the potential to streamline everything with Salesforce CPQ. We synced it up with the manufacturer’s ERP system via Tibco, creating one reliable hub for all their important data—accounts, contacts, invoices, you name it. 

Working closely with the manufacturer’s team, we revamped their sales processes to track every lead and opportunity and brought in Prolifiq to help with strategic account planning. The goal was to eliminate unnecessary steps, simplify approvals, and make the quote creation process a whole lot smoother. We also gave their CRM a makeover for better visibility across their teams and more insightful reporting.



The difference was night and day. The manufacturer finally had a clear view of their pipeline, allowing them to make smarter, data-driven decisions. Even better, Coastal's solution exceeded their goal, reducing the manufacturer’s average quote turnaround time by 50%.
That efficiency boost led directly to a 36% jump in quote volume. Most importantly, Coastal’s client now has a rock-solid data foundation that is setting them up for continued growth and success.

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