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Launching an Accelerated Grant Management System for the US Virgin Islands

Coastal's Grants Management Accelerator increases speed to approval for grant applicants as the number of natural disasters rise in the U.S. Virgin Islands.


With an increasing number of natural disasters in the Caribbean, the U.S. Virgin Islands needed to be prepared to quickly distribute funds to local organizations for infrastructure improvements. They were manually managing grant applications via spreadsheets and disparate documents. With an entirely human-driven process, grants could be delayed or data could be lost. They needed a new grants management system to rapidly accept, review, and approve grant applications.

Tetra Tech, a global leader in environmental consulting services partnered with Coastal to build this much-needed solution for  Virgin Islands Housing Finance Authority.


From December 2022-May 2023, Coastal's Public Sector experts implemented our Grants Management Accelerator, which uses Salesforce Sales Cloud, OmniScript, and Public Sector Foundations.

The solution immediately eliminated the need for spreadsheets. Grants now live in one central place, regardless of whether the grants are for utilities, building structures, or residencies. Applicants have a single entry point and staff have a single review point—providing huge value to the Housing Finance Authority.


The U.S. Virgin Islands Housing Finance Authority can now efficiently and safely manage $774 million for disaster relief grants. The streamlined grants approval process is organized, consistent, and has dramatically simplified approvals and expedited grant disbursement. Maintaining real-time data in one place has resulted in major strides in data integrity.

Clouds and Products

  • Sales Cloud
  • OmniScript
  • Public Sector Foundations