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Northeast Healthcare Network Delivers Personalized Experiences

Once live, Data Cloud + Tableau CRM Analytics will unify Salesforce and external data sources to provide detailed reports of campaign performance, audience segments, patient 360°, and more.


A $5 billion healthcare system was looking for a new CRM to deliver connected patient engagement through the entire patient journey.

The organization's leadership had restricted visibility from top of the funnel to the bottom of the funnel and had no way to bring in a connected patient engagement experience. Their previous tool, Evariant, could not provide a 360-degree view of patients’ journey through the healthcare system.

Through Health Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Data Cloud, Coastal is helping this healthcare system shape its marketing strategies, collect and analyze campaign data, and drive patient acquisition.

With Evariant, marketing campaigns through the network’s lead-to-patient process were inconsistent, which made it difficult to gather and analyze data. There was virtually no way to understand the full performance of a marketing campaign.

That inability to see a patient’s engagement with their hospital network presented a larger problem—limiting personalized outreach. On top of that, the team could not see the multiple service lines used by each patient.

Similarly, the siloed nature of the organization’s data resulted in manual tasks, inefficient processes, duplication, and wasted time because staff had to manually transfer data between systems.


To solve these challenges for the network, Coastal delivered a functioning Health Cloud and Marketing Cloud instance. On top of that, Data Cloud + Marketing Cloud Intelligence will soon be deployed.

Health Cloud has become the main system of record for the health system, which allows role and profile-based permissions, lead management, conversion processes, and webform integrations that work seamlessly within the platform to synchronize information, such as prospective and current patients, in real-time.

Marketing Cloud is now being used to plan, design, and build reliable marketing campaigns. The marketing team can refine those campaigns based on performance data to achieve better results for a personalized and connected patient engagement experience.

By compliantly layering in claims data and propensity modeling, the marketing team can also enhance their targeting and acquisition strategies. This approach now provides a holistic framework to nurture patients along their health and wellness journeys.

Furthermore, the healthcare client will use Data Cloud + Marketing Cloud Intelligence to unify Salesforce’s data with other data sources and consolidate the data from multiple touchpoints to provide a 360-degree view of patients.

Marketing Cloud Intelligence will be used for a detailed visual report of campaign performance, audience segments, the patient’s full journey through the network, and more.


As a result of this digital transformation, the healthcare system has been able to save time and take advantage of system-wide transparency. This has already begun to elevate the care they can deliver to their patients, and do so more efficiently than ever before:

  • Marketing Cloud Intelligence will allow this healthcare network to work more intelligently, with key data at their fingertips. The software can generate a holistic view of the patient, throughout each individual's unique patient journey.
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows the network to send customized outreach to each patient, leading to a personalized experience. The organization’s Marketing team and executive team can better align on a single data set, leading to the execution of effective marketing campaigns.
  • Finally, inter-departmental teams can collaborate on a set of data without manually pulling from disparate tools, without swivel chairs or duplication.

Clouds and Products

  • Data Cloud
  • Health Cloud
  • Marketing Cloud
  • Tableau CRM Analytics