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Optimize your Free Data Cloud Licenses

Optimize your Free Data Cloud Licenses

At Dreamforce 2023, Salesforce announced that Data Cloud free licenses are now included for all Enterprise Edition or above customers so they can familiarize themselves with the new capabilities and develop use case ideas. 

  • Data Cloud Provisioning includes 250,000 Data Services credits, 1 TB of data storage, 1 Data Cloud admin, 100 internal Data Cloud identity users, 1,000 Data Cloud PSL, and 5 integration users. Unlimited Plus Edition customers will get access to 2,500,000 Data Service credits.
  • The 2 Tableau Creator licenses are a separate line item and can be quoted by your Salesforce Account Executive.

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Quickly Embrace Data Cloud with Our Proven Solutions

Coastal’s certified Salesforce Data Cloud and Tableau experts have hands-on product experience and have supported numerous businesses using the technology for tangible results.

No-Cost Strategy Workshop

Bring your toughest questions for a strategic workshop with a Certified Data Cloud expert. Data, integration, Data Cloud, architecture, processes, and more—we’ll advise and solve.*

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Data Cloud: Starter

Get one use case in the bag with a non-production setup that leverages out-of-the-box standard objects and bundles. Contact us for pricing.

  • Use Case Development Workshop
  • Workbook & Populated Data Model
  • Data Action
  • Level 1 Future Architecture

Data Cloud: Foundation

Production-ready configuration of two use cases using two profiles and one external data source. Contact us for pricing.

  • Use Case Development Workshop
  • Workbook & Populated Data Model
  • 3 Calculated Insights, Single Cloud Data Actions or Segments

Data Cloud: Foundation Plus

Production-ready configuration of three use cases with two external data sources. Contact us for pricing.

  • Use Case Development Workshop
  • Solution Design Document
  • Workbook & Populated Data Model
  • 3 Calculated Insights, Multi-Cloud Data Actions or Segments
  • Tableau Customer 360 Dashboard

Why choose Coastal?

Because experience matters. We’re top-ranked by customers, Salesforce, and analysts, which means you’ll get your project done right. With the SVP of Salesforce Data Cloud on the Coastal board, we maintain deep ties to product teams, staying ahead of other consulting firms.

So, what is Data Cloud?

Salesforce has been focusing on large data and AI tools for several years. They acquired Tableau, accelerated their Einstein AI tools, and extended the Data Cloud product in a big way.

Unlock the future of deep personalization and AI tools. Most organizations today have data stored in many separate locations and on various enterprise platforms. Data Cloud allows you to easily harmonize the data, analyze it in Tableau, and make it actionable across marketing, sales, and service.

Salesforce has always been the world’s #1 customer relationship tool, which has been the heart of every ‘Cloud’ of functionality they offer – from Marketing to Sales, Service, and industry products like Nonprofit Cloud and Health Cloud. We are now in an age where there are vast amounts of data that are hard to share and use across a business. Business leaders understand there are more insights to unlock from their organization’s data – with or without AI assistance – but how can they do it quickly and easily?

That’s where Salesforce Data Cloud comes in. It allows a business to rapidly unify data directly from their sources like web and mobile apps, e-commerce platforms, health record providers and resource management services, and Salesforce CRM. And if your business has already started this process with a data lake of its own, Data Cloud can use that without reinventing the wheel. With Data Cloud, you get all of this different data harmonized in one place easily and quickly. After it is in, you can run complex segmentation, visualize it in Tableau, and action it to personalize and automate your customer lifecycle. 

We all also know the future of business and customer experience is greatly enhanced by predictive knowledge and actions. Salesforce is layering AI tools like GPT and others into Data Cloud to bring Salesforce customers into the future, now.

At Dreamforce, Salesforce announced they will provide free limited-use access to Data Cloud and Tableau so customers can become familiar with the new capabilities and develop use case ideas before committing to the full-scale Data Cloud Salesforce license.

Data Cloud is powerful, but it’s also simple to use!

Data Cloud is everything we love about the Salesforce platform – simple to use by business users (clicks, not code!), has a familiar user interface, and works seamlessly with all of your enterprise platforms. Data Cloud is not just built for the largest enterprise companies in the world that have an army of coders and developers, and it is easily adopted by midmarket companies with the same need for leveraging big data and building AI capabilities. 

How are companies using Data Cloud today?

There are many ways a company’s own data can be better leveraged to generate rapid time-to-value using Data Cloud. 

  • Identify who your best clients really are using multiple data points to measure loyalty and other criteria
  • Grant visibility into all your organization’s data about a customer for your sales, service, marketing and analytics teams – equally
  • Segment audiences in minutes without code and visualize in Tableau & Reports
  • Send perfectly timed emails, app notifications, or website content
  • Predict what products customers may be interested in next
  • Provide e-commerce experiences that turn empty shopping carts into special offers using rich order history
  • Create intelligent VIP Customer Experiences by auto-routing audiences & informing service team members with intelligence on the patient 360
  • Unlock Salesforce Einstein AI & GPT features with your secure Data Cloud data

All that data is in different places—that’s the first challenge organizations need to overcome. – Michael Janney, Vice President and Industry Advisor of Manufacturing, Salesforce

Experience Success: One expert partner who can do it all. Enterprise Data, Tableau & Salesforce Clouds

Salesforce ranks Coastal as the #1 Consulting Partner in Expertise in the United States (more than 2,000 consultancies). With a heavily certified onshore-only team, 6,000+ completed projects, deep industry expertise, and company DNA that focuses 100% on customer success, we’re the experienced firm in a nimble package that you’ll love working with.

When it comes to Salesforce Data Cloud success, we have a large team of fully certified Data Cloud experts and can share valuable industry-specific use cases to speed up your time to value.

You can also rely on our team to rapidly connect your data and work with your enterprise data architecture. Over the past decade, our team has proven its ability to manage data from every major ERP /EHR system, and data lakes/warehouses with systems such as Snowflake.

Ready to get started?

*Complimentary Consulting Hour only valid for qualified users. Pre-qualification to occur before session.

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Coastal is the #1 rated Salesforce consulting firm, 100% focused on customer success. From strategy to platform evolution, we’re the Salesforce consultancy you’ll love working with.


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