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Streamlining Resourcing with Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack

The Coastal Way in Action

Trusted Advisor: From the outset, Coastal became a partner, not just a vendor. Our experience with similar organizations ensured a solution tailored to PSWD-LCMS's unique needs.

Emphasis on Training: Salesforce's power is amplified when users are confident. Coastal's focus on knowledge transfer empowered PSWD-LCMS staff to excel.


Scattered Data and Inefficient Staffing Hindered Ministry Support

The Pacific Southwest District Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (PSWD-LCMS) oversees a vast network of 300 churches and 150 schools. Their mission faced serious obstacles: critical information like church and school worker contact details,  church and school status, historical data and more was trapped in a tangle of spreadsheets and makeshift databases. This chaos made their prime mission of effectively resourcing churches, schools and church workers incredibly time-consuming and prone to errors.


Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack as a Unifying Force

PSWD-LCMS recognized they needed a powerful, centralized database—and an expert guide to make the most of it. Coastal's deep understanding of faith-based organizations and extensive Salesforce expertise made us the ideal partner.

Coastal tailored Salesforce's Nonprofit Success Pack into a custom data hub for PSWD-LCMS. This solution not only streamlined information management but transformed their processes and provided a centralized database of record. It replaced the disjointed steps in communicating with providing resources to its constituents with a fluid, intuitive system, enhancing district-wide visibility into those it serves. Plus, the ability to manage region-specific details and outcomes elevated PSWD-LCMS's overall service to its community.


Mobile Empowerment, Faster Placements, Renewed Focus

  • Field Ministry Made Smoother: Staff visiting congregations or schools can now instantly capture notes, contacts, and tasks on their mobile devices. This information is accessible across the organization, eliminating knowledge silos and lost conversations.
  •  Connecting Talent with Need: The time and effort needed to assist ministries in identifying and placing the right people in ministry roles has been significantly reduced. PSWD-LCMS can draw upon its network, fostering growth from within.
  • Time Regained for Mission: Coastal Cloud's adaptable solution has freed PSWD-LCMS staff from tedious data wrangling. They now have more hours to invest in fulfilling their mission of supporting spiritual growth and education.

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