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Rapid Streamlining of Digital Equity Grants Management

This Department of Information Technology is excited about the centralization of information that Coastal's Grants Management solution has brought to the department. The solution has enhanced the way this client approaches providing grants that deploy internet equity across their state.


A state agency dedicated to digital equity faced challenges managing its grant programs that were focused on improving broadband infrastructure, promoting digital literacy, and increasing technological accessibility. The agency was managing applications, requests, payment history, statuses, and more in email inboxes.

This method created bottlenecks in document management and made processes less efficient. Their system made it difficult for eligible organizations like public libraries, nonprofits, government councils, and higher ed institutions to navigate the application process and access much-needed grants.


Recognizing the need to fix their processes, the agency partnered with Coastal to optimize their existing Salesforce CRM.

We leveraged our grants management solution accelerator to improve their internal operations and external application processes, customizing it to meet the agency's specific needs.

To create a streamlined experience for grant applicants, we integrated Experience Cloud. This enabled us to build a user-friendly portal where applicants can easily submit applications, receive status updates, and manage payments.

The new system streamlines reporting, making it easier for the agency to measure grant activity, progress, and impact.


Coastal's solution is helping this agency transform the management of its digital inclusion grants. The streamlined platform is enhancing efficiency, improving accessibility, and ultimately accelerating the agency's impact on digital equity throughout the state.

Enhanced Efficiency: The centralized platform is significantly improving the efficiency of grant application and management processes for both applicants and the agency.

Improved Accessibility: The intuitive portal simplifies the process for diverse organizations to apply for and manage grants.

Data-Driven Insights: Robust reporting features allow the agency to track grant activity, measure the impact of its digital equity programs, and make data-driven decisions.

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