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Supercharging Sales Growth with Salesforce Revenue Intelligence

The success of our collaboration has sparked a wave of excitement across C Spire. Other departments are eager to explore how Salesforce can work its magic in customer service, marketing, and operations.

C Spire's story is proof that a data-driven, customer-focused approach, paired with expert guidance, can lead to remarkable transformations. With Salesforce as their trusted platform and a shared commitment to innovation, C Spire is ready to conquer the competitive telecommunications landscape.


Uneven Sales Performance & Limited Visibility

C Spire, a leading telecommunications and technology services company in the southeastern US, had a good problem: they were meeting sales targets. But a deeper look revealed an imbalance—a few top performers were closing the most deals. This made growth unpredictable and raised concerns about scalability. C Spire also needed a clear picture of what was working and what wasn't in their sales processes.


Salesforce Sales Cloud & Revenue Intelligence—Guided by Coastal

To tackle these challenges, C Spire partnered with Coastal, a trusted Salesforce consulting firm with a reputation for driving results. Together, we mapped out a data-driven strategy to enhance C Spire’s operations.

Recognizing that data was the key, we integrated external data sources with C Spire’s own customer data within Salesforce, creating a comprehensive view of their market and customers. Then, we implemented Salesforce Revenue Intelligence as the cornerstone of their transformation. This powerful tool provided deep insights into sales performance, giving reps and managers real-time data they could act on.

But we didn’t stop there. We understood that getting the most out of Revenue Intelligence meant changing how the sales team worked. We partnered with C Spire to show the team how Salesforce could become their personal success tool, tracking their progress and maximizing their earning potential. This initiative dramatically improved data quality, ensuring that Revenue Intelligence had the accurate information it needed to deliver powerful insights.


Empowered Sales Teams, Improved Data Quality & Accelerated Growth

The results were undeniable. Revenue Intelligence dashboards and reports lit up with real-time data, empowering reps and managers to make informed decisions based on a complete picture of their sales activities. This newfound transparency and collaboration fostered a culture of continuous improvement and boosted morale across the board.

With accurate data flowing into Salesforce, C Spire gained valuable insights into their customers, allowing them to personalize outreach and pinpoint new sales opportunities. The combination of Salesforce's ease of use and the insights from Revenue Intelligence led to more accurate forecasts, better decision-making, and a sales team that consistently exceeds targets. The entire team is firing on all cylinders and no longer relying on a few superstars.

C Spire's growth trajectory has soared. They've surpassed their sales goals and solidified their position as an industry leader with some of the lowest churn rates among their competitors.

Clouds & Products

  • Sales Cloud
  • Revenue Intelligence

Our sales team has really embraced the platform because they see the direct impact it has on their success.

Rabun Jones, CIO at C Spire