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3 Ways Salesforce is Driving Technology Trends in Education

3 Ways Salesforce is Driving Technology Trends in Education

Modern cloud computing capabilities have enabled any school to run on one platform, mobile ready and designed with the user in mind. Innovating systems to keep up with the current technology trends will improve both learner and institution success. Utilizing Salesforce’s Education Cloud solutions can optimize data literacy, user experience, and workforce training programs. 

1. Utilizing Data Literacy

Scaling your education technology system becomes possible with Salesforce features that enable you to easily collect, visualize, analyze, interpret, and share data. According to the Salesforce Connected Student Report, 31% of faculty and staff at universities say their institution uses multiple technology systems, and that it is difficult to get the data needed to do their jobs effectively. With Salesforce, you’re able to operate on one platform that makes it possible to make data-driven decisions at every phase of the student lifecycle. 

Salesforce can help institutions:

  • Track application and enrollment trends 
  • Automatically flag struggling students for early intervention
  • Attract and manage prospective donors 
  • Communicate and interpret survey results 
  • Analyze space usage 
  • Benchmark against peer institutions 
  • Show fiscal responsibility 
  • Improve communication between departments

2. Streamlining the User Experience

From recruiting and admissions to student success, Salesforce makes it possible to have a one stop shop with easy to use tools for users! 

More than 90% of Coastal Cloud’s education clients prioritize an enhanced user experience for their constituents (students, staff, parents/guardians, teachers, partners, and the administration). With Salesforce, institutions are able to have a 360-degree view of the student. Our client, Bluefield University, saw fast results when their application process successfully decreased from 15 minutes to less than 2 minutes per application. 

Coastal Cloud’s Education Team also delivered a highly successful automation solution for Columbia University, using Salesforce’s Experience Cloud and Admissions Connect, to improve their application review team’s efficiency and help applicants stay on track with submission requirements.

3. Aligning Workforce Training Programs and Connections

Education institutions and industries are emphasizing the need for strategic alignment across K-12, postsecondary education, and the workforce. With the help of Education Cloud, software is replacing manually managed workforce development opportunities and relationships with trailblazing automations geared toward quick and efficient communication between students and faculty.

Salesforce can help schools:

  • Improve tracking of opportunities, connections, and placements
  • Provide accurate data for performance evaluation and reporting
  • Track partner engagement and placements
  • Streamline career and workforce development advising
  • Improve communication and transparency
  • Track and manage agreements/partner MOUs

Coastal is the #1 rated Salesforce consulting firm, 100% focused on customer success. From strategy to platform evolution, we’re the Salesforce consultancy you’ll love working with.


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