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Dreamforce 2022: Education Recap

Dreamforce 2022: Education Recap

The way we approach Education has changed drastically in the past few years. Educational institutions must adapt in order to create the experiences that their students want. A common theme Coastal Cloud’s team of Salesforce consultants heard at Dreamforce 2022’s Educational sessions was the importance of creating personalized experiences that build innovative connections through automation.

Read on to see how Salesforce is creating a digital strategy for universities that delivers results and setting students up for successful futures.

Key Takeaways

  • Prepare Students for the Workforce According to a statistic released by Connected Student Report and mentioned by Geshri Gunasekera, VP of Education Cloud Product Marketing at Salesforce, 47% of enrolling students stated that career prospects played a key role in deciding which college they would like to attend.
  • Finding Connection and Creating Experience
    Today’s students want to feel a sense of belonging on their campus. Whether online, hybrid or in person – data can build student profiles that create meaningful and memorable experiences.
  • Salesforce and Education Salesforce Student 360 Powered by Genie will allow universities to personalize student experiences with real-time data and integrate it at scale. First and third party data can now be combined with existing data – creating a unified profile. We heard from Dean Willow Bay of USC describe how they implemented Salesforce to create a pipeline for students that delivers the tools they need for success. USC listened to students and built a system that connects a network of resources to help students navigate their career paths. They are able to track skills and fill gaps by listening to employer needs and connecting students with the right contacts. They also created an automated customer data platform (CDP) that’s built to deliver personalization at scale. This hub features:
  • Ata movers, which allow you to easily bring in external data
  • An omni studio for admissions where you can drag and drop forms and a guidance center for student success
  • Case swarming in Slack that connects students with important networks that can help prepare them for the workforce

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