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Dreamforce 2022: Manufacturing Recap

Dreamforce 2022: Manufacturing Recap

Dreamforce 2022 was back in action, bringing together trailblazers from all over the world to learn about new Salesforce initiatives. The Coastal Cloud team of Salesforce Experts gathered to hear from industry leaders discussing current issues faced by manufacturers and how Salesforce plans to help them combat these challenges with a data-driven approach.

Keep reading to learn the latest on how Salesforce will take on these evolving changes in the Manufacturing industry.

A New Set of Challenges

  • Manufacturers face a new set of challenges as the effects of the pandemic continue to reshape the industry.
  • Consumers crave more personalized experiences and companies must adapt in data-driven ways to keep up.
  • Businesses have partnered with Salesforce to create a more sustainable foundation by streamlining and unifying customer data.
  • By implementing this data-first mindset, Salesforce also aims to tackle current issues facing manufacturing such as supply chain management, ESG regulations, chip shortages, labor and inflation.

Key Takeaways

  • Creating a More Personalized Customer Experience The mindset of consumers has shifted. In a remote world filled with automations, customers still desire a personalized experience, similar to the ones they have in person.
  • Data-First Mindset Data will drive the future. Businesses must adopt a data-driven mindset to provide their customers with the experiences they want and to sustain themselves in a rapidly changing environment.
  • Adapting to Supply Chain Management Disruption Supply chain disruption is an ongoing issue and businesses must adapt and find ways to improve demand planning.
  • A New Consumer Experience with Salesforce Genie Dreamforce 2022 introduced us to Salesforce Genie, which collects and unifies data in milliseconds and enables all your teams to adapt the experiences they provide in real time to whatever is going on in your customer’s world. Salesforce Genie for Manufacturing will revolutionize the way we collect, utilize and store customer data. With Genie, you will now be able to automate engagement across the value chain in real-time, delivering a more connected experience. You can view customer profiles, built on billions of data points from various channels-that will be unified into one single source. You can monitor how your customer interacts with your brand on every channel, giving you key insights and the ability to deliver personalized consumer experiences. Using a Tableau integration with Genie your business will be able to make decisions through AI, giving you intelligent insights for predictions and planning. Jo Pettifer, VP of Corporate Marketing at Salesforce stated that 93% of companies recently surveyed in a trends and automotive report, mentioned that access to first party data would improve their customer experience exponentially. Salesforce Automotive Genie powered by Einstein aims to automate proactive service through unified data. This would enable you to provide personalized experiences that are intelligent and to create new potential revenue streams.

Dreamforce Session Recaps

Manufacturing & Auto Keynote: Connect the Value Chain

The ripple effects of the pandemic continue as manufacturers and automakers face a myriad of challenges, including chip shortages, supply chain limitations, ESG regulations, inflation, and a labor shortage. A digital-first future demands personalized and unified experiences. Learn how leaders are driving the future of work by transforming the way they connect with customers, partners, and one another.

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Build the Business of the Future in Automotive

Hear how Salesforce is changing the way vehicles are sold and serviced.

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Building Unified Connections in Manufacturing

Customers now desire a more personalized experience. Listen to Thanhia Sanchez, EVP of Manufacturing, Auto, and Energy & Utilities at Salesforce discuss how Salesforce Genie for Manufacturing will allow businesses to deliver this experience through automation. Genie will seamlessly unify the flow of manufacturing by creating a real-time profile based on intelligent insights and data. Hear Peter Weckesser, Chief Digital Officer at Schneider Electric Industries SAS talk about pain points facing the manufacturing industry and how Salesforce has helped him tackle these head on.

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Rethink Supply Chain Management with a Digital Supply HQ

Talent shortages, limited access to raw materials, increased transportation costs and inflation have led roughly 88% of manufacturers to seek out ways to improve their demand planning. Learn how businesses can utilize Manufacturing Cloud 360 and MuleSoft to digitize and create an efficient, insight driven supply chain HQ.

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Manufacturing Cloud Built for Your Industry

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