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Healthcare Consumer Experience Checklist

Healthcare Consumer Experience Checklist

Is your Healthcare experience meeting the needs of today’s consumers? 

Find out with Coastal’s Consumer Healthcare Checklist.

Gauge how well your healthcare journeys connect with consumers and deliver results. 

  • Look for the gaps that frustrate consumers: Are any of your systems or tools causing delays, poor communication, or making it hard for consumers to get the care they need?
  • Make your marketing dollars work harder: Are you using your data to reach the right people with the right message? Is it easy to track campaign performance and tie it to outcomes like appointment-making and no-shows?
  • Create smooth pre- and post-care experiences: Can you easily personalize communications, track consumer preferences, and anticipate their needs based on their interactions with your healthcare organization?

Use this quick self-assessment to evaluate your current technology and processes. Find the areas where you can improve to create smoother, more personalized healthcare experiences.

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