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Consolidating Disparate University Systems for a Single System of Record

Productivity among Student Services, Financial Aid, Academic Services, and Career Services increases due to uniform processes through Salesforce Education Cloud. 


In order to compete with industry standards, this major university needed a 360-degree view of end-to-end business processes in a single system.

The client established five-year goals in recruiting, applications, and admissions, but their previous tech stack did not support the roadmap to achieve these initiatives.

The for-profit institution was using disparate tools for its call center, CRM, and Student Information System (SIS)—none of which worked well together. This highly inefficient tech stack caused unproductive manual connectivity and required a large amount of custom code and knowledge.

In addition, some of the tools they were using were not specifically designed for the needs of higher education—resulting in further frustration.


Coastal and the client worked together on the consolidation of multiple systems, reduction in custom and siloed code, and laying a scalable foundation for the university to meet its five-year recruitment, application, and admission goals.

First and foremost, the organization needed a centralized CRM to serve as a “home base.” Coastal implemented Salesforce Education Cloud, providing a foundation for the solution. With out-of-the-box functionality specifically designed for educational institutions, Education Cloud eliminated the need for several of the tools the client was leveraging.

To align with their unique and assertive recruitment model, we utilized Salesforce Sales Engagement and Service Cloud Voice. These tools reduced the custom code that was previously necessary to function and allowed significant consolidation of tools.

We also implemented Experience Cloud, which, when coupled with the aforementioned Salesforce products, has changed the way the university can view its students’ information. We designed an Experience Cloud student portal that centralizes the full student lifecycles. Disparate data sources are brought into an interactive hub that includes:

  • Degree progress tracking
  • Career planning support
  • Opportunities for contact between academic support services and students

The solution also includes a form tool that seamlessly integrates with Experience Cloud, further enabling software consolidation, and simultaneously providing the staff with easier management of forms and related data.

Coastal solution provides the university with a 360-degree view, from application through graduation and career services, keeping the student in the database for further engagement after graduation.


Refined business processes, increased task transparency, and inter-departmental systemization have streamlined student lifecycle management.

It was reported that the productivity of Student Services, Financial Aid, Academic Services, and Career Services increased significantly with a single CRM as the system of record across teams. Risky loss of legacy knowledge has also been eliminated.

The institution’s new Salesforce platform solution provides automation and streamlined workflows that allow them to stay ahead of others in their industry.

Clouds and Products

  • Service Cloud
  • DocuSign
  • Education Cloud
  • Experience Cloud
  • Formstack
  • Mogli
  • Sales Cloud