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Enhancing Ministry Impact with Unified Salesforce Solution

“Coastal has taken the time to understand us. Coastal's customer intimacy with [Foursquare] has made a huge difference. Our people felt understood and cared for through the development cycle.”


The International Church of the Foursquare Gospel was faced with the need to move off a legacy, on-premise membership management, CRM, and portal that had significant maintenance costs.

The church’s CIO worked directly with Salesforce to curate a list of trusted partners for the RFP process, and Coastal was selected.


As part of Coastal's solutions built for faith-based organizations, we implemented the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack which serves as the clients’ central CRM.

In addition, they implemented Experience Cloud as the platform for their “Hub” portal, a platform that enabled all of their network churches to submit church reports, payments, and dues, make updates to their accounts, and onboard new pastors and missionaries.

The team migrated its legacy data onto the platform, where it can preserve its data integrity as well as history.

They also integrated their LMS, donor management tool, accounting system, and background check tool so they had a single source of data in one enterprise platform.


Foursquare began thinking of its mission in terms of digital improvement. Where they did not have the budget to add churches and all that comes with that (hiring people for administration), they turned to Salesforce nonprofit solutions to automate as much as they could.

This shift in mindset allowed Foursquare Church to continue its mission more efficiently. In addition, they had a significant reduction in IT maintenance costs by moving to a cloud-based system that allowed for declarative configuration and updates over custom development.

Clouds and Products

  • Nonprofit Success Pack
  • Experience Cloud