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Working from Home: New Co-Workers Amid Coronavirus

Working from Home: New Co-Workers Amid Coronavirus

As the Coronavirus Pandemic continues, the world wraps up another week of working from home. Thanks to cloud-based technology, Coastal Cloud employees are experts at working remotely. On the other hand, many of our employees are accustomed to working in our solution centers. Flexibility is at the core of Coastal Cloud’s culture. Nonetheless, experts or not, new factors have been thrown into the mix. Kids are home from school, babies can’t go to daycare and spouses compete for the quietest room in the house. Distractions like entertaining children, connecting them to school work, and making sure everyone gets fed make matters more chaotic. Our new normal requires some juggling and adjusting, but our team is strong and we will get through this interesting time with our “new co-workers”!


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