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Eric Berridge on the Podcast

Eric Berridge on the Podcast

Coastal CEO Eric Berridge on a light blue background

We’re excited to share highlights from Coastal CEO Eric Berridge’s recent conversation on the podcast. Eric discusses what it means to be a truly customer-obsessed company, Coastal’s evolution, the power of AI, and what it takes to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Customer obsession means relentless improvement. We’re always looking for ways to streamline processes and create seamless experiences for our customers.
  • Think multi-channel. To best serve our customers, we offer solutions that combine innovative digital strategies with the value of in-person experiences.
  • Use AI to enhance productivity, not displace workers. It’s a tool that can shorten cycles, increase creativity, and ultimately pave the way to solving larger problems.
  • Authenticity matters. In the age of AI, the human touch and our ability to express it genuinely sets us apart.
  • Build a culture around clear values. Our values of respect, innovation, collaboration, and fun ensure we’re always focused on what matters most.

Coastal’s Rebrand – A Step Forward

Eric also discussed Coastal’s recent transition from Coastal Cloud. This rebrand reflects our evolution into a top North American Salesforce provider with an expanded set of solutions for our clients across industries. 

As Eric puts it, “The cloud is how people operate today; it’s not something we have to declare.” 

We’re committed to customer success and driving innovation, which is why Coastal continues to be a Salesforce consulting leader.

Want more?

If you’re interested in learning more about customer obsession and business success, be sure to check out Eric’s podcast, Customer Obsessed, and his book of the same name.

Want to tap into the leadership and insights we use to drive success for our clients? Let’s discuss how we can apply these principles to achieve your business goals.


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