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Hello from Coastal

Hello from Coastal

In 2012, Tim and Sara Hale started Coastal Cloud because they knew consulting could be done differently. After working for a consulting behemoth for years, they wanted to create faster impact for customers built on trusted, meaningful relationships. They also saw an opportunity to boost their local economy in Palm Coast, Florida, by creating jobs.

Tim and Sara decided to call their new Salesforce consulting company Coastal Cloud. “Cloud” was a new concept at the time, and they wanted the market to know they were focused on Salesforce solutions. They spent a crisp $100 bill on a logo design and then hit the ground running.

Now, Tim is a data guy by trade, and Sara is a computer scientist. They didn’t think about how their logo would scale over the years or how flexible it would be across digital and printed materials.

In 2020, our marketing team decided to pare down the logo. While trying to convey coast and cloud in one logo had meaning, it was time to simplify. 

Fast-forward to now—April 2024. “Cloud” is a mainstream technology term, and clients and partners have called us “Coastal” for many years. On top of that, we have a squad of talent stretching from coast to coast, including many who don’t live by a beach. 

What we all share is our commitment to delivering meaningful work, and we’re proud to be part of literally the #1 ranked Salesforce consultancy. 

With all of this in mind, it was time for us to rethink what we call ourselves and what we look like—while staying true to how our customers see us: as a trusted, caring firm dedicated to helping them succeed.  

We kicked things off the same way we do with our customers—with discovery. We got to know the feelings of the people we work with and how they see us in this marketplace—and saw that people loved us! 

So, we got to work. How could we refresh our look and feel to reflect that sentiment and our growth as a 550+ person company that’s delivered over 1,700 successful projects across industries?

As design projects typically go, we created several unique directions—but there was one that just felt right. There was a nod to our seaside heritage, a focus on providing guidance, and an inviting style that felt like it was “us.” 

The look and feel are inspired by sea flags. At sea, flags are more than symbols—they’re a language of collaboration and respect among allies. They send signals and can guide a ship through turbulent waters to safe harbors. 

At Coastal, our reputation is founded on providing customers with care, guidance, and collaboration. We communicate complex ideas in clear, accessible ways, much like the sea flags. 

So, I welcome you to the new Coastal—the same great trusted advisors with DNA 100% focused on customer success—but with a more vibrant, enthusiastic look. 

And from now on, we’ll go by our nickname Coastal (since you already call us that anyway!).


Saleema Fazal

VP of Marketing, Coastal



Coastal is the #1 rated Salesforce consulting firm, 100% focused on customer success. From strategy to platform evolution, we’re the Salesforce consultancy you’ll love working with.


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