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Webinar: Agile Solutions for Health & COVID Care

Webinar: Agile Solutions for Health & COVID Care

Coastal Cloud was proud to host our own co-founder, Sara Hale, and Dr. Geeta Nayyar, Chief Medical Officer for Salesforce, for this informative webinar about the dynamic environment we are experiencing in health care. Panelists discuss trends in the industry, from front line care to back end automation, and the future of virtual health care as a safe and convenient part of the health care equation which is driving the new digital era for a redefined consumer post COVID.

Led by Coastal Cloud’s Director of Health Care, Milissa Holland, our panelists dive into what has worked overall and review specific examples of how we have been able to pivot with trends in the industry to include not only health care, but also public sector and workforce development through technologies like Salesforce. Sara reviews how the platform used its rapid response technology throughout large geographic areas with high volume transactions to manage testing and vaccines, as well as managing the movement of supplies and deployment of staff. Dr. Nayyar addresses what has not worked well and where we are heading for the future as we embrace leading through the pandemic. She discusses Salesforce’s focus on the science, business strategy, product strategy and business development and what it will take to be a winner as we face coping with COVID in the future.

About Dr. Geeta Nayyar

Dr. Nayyar is a leader in the all-fronts fight for better well-being, helping bridge the divide between clinical medicine, business, and digital health.

As Chief Medical Officer at Salesforce, she ensures that data flows seamlessly throughout the healthcare system, empowering clinicians with the insights they need to deliver the high-quality care every patient deserves.

As a Rheumatologist and a preceptor for the University of Miami Mitchell Wolfson Sr. Department of Community Service (DOCS) program, she cares for underserved patients and ensures medical education remains relevant in a rapidly changing world.

As a Board Member at the American Telemedicine Association and the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, she helps steer decision making at some of the nation’s most influential medical organizations.

In each of these roles, Dr. Nayyar works to curb misinformation at the intersection of healthcare and technology. Her ideas have earned her appearances on CNN and frequent guest spots on several news networks in South Florida. Her work has been featured in The Huffington Post, The Miami Herald, Stat News, and

Dr. Nayyar was accepted to medical school at the age of 17 and attended the accelerated Honors Program in Medicine at the University of Miami. She completed her internal medicine residency, rheumatology fellowship, and MBA at the George Washington University.

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