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Beyond the Waiting Room: Transforming Patient Care with Melanie Husk

Beyond the Waiting Room: Transforming Patient Care with Melanie Husk

Navigating healthcare can feel like solving a riddle inside a maze. But what if technology focused on the pre and post-care patient journey could change everything? 

Our CEO, Eric Berridge, recently sat down with Melanie Husk, Chief Consumer Officer at Baptist Health, on the Customer Obsessed podcast, and she let listeners in on the secrets of a more human, tech-enabled healthcare future.

What You’ll Learn

  • Why caring matters: Baptist Health puts purpose at the core of healthcare—improving lives through mission-based, accessible, and holistic care.
  • Access for all: Equity is a priority. Learn how technology helps Baptist close gaps in healthcare access.
  • Tech with heart: See how smart systems improve follow-up care after emergency visits—marketing solutions making a big difference.
  • The future is bright: Melanie shares her vision—care from anywhere, where a human touch blends seamlessly with tech advancements.

At Coastal, we know technology has a bigger impact when it aligns with a clear purpose. That’s why our partnership with Baptist Health is so powerful. Together, we’re developing innovative solutions focused on what matters most: improving care for every patient.

When you put people at the heart of the system and use technology smartly, you create a win-win for patients and providers.

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