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Webinar: Helping People Connecting Communities

Webinar: Helping People Connecting Communities

Given the backdrop of COVID, and recent economic stress and uncertainty, many children and families are experiencing significant pressure. The current legacy structures and systems used by government agencies and nonprofits are strained, and these organizations are searching for new streamlined case management solutions to provide services to these vulnerable populations quickly and efficiently.

Hear from the experts as they dive into how Coastal CloudSalesforce, and MuleSoft have utilized technology to provide citizens better access to preventative services and to keep children in safe environments.

They discuss:

  • How to leverage technology to support children and families in need of support services
  • Obstacles to implementing new technology solutions
  • Tips and tricks for navigating your digital transformation
  • Jodi Domangue, Executive Director at One More Child
  • Andrew Mellen, Account Executive – Public Sector, MuleSoft
  • Daniela Lee, Moderator, Engagement Manager, Coastal Cloud

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