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Coastal Cloud Founder Moderates Salesforce Women Founders In-Person Event

Coastal Cloud Founder Moderates Salesforce Women Founders In-Person Event

Members of the Salesforce Women Founders Group Hold In-Person gathered in Denver last week to discuss
how women can continue to grow their businesses in the Salesforce ecosystem

The group, made up of women founders of Salesforce partner organizations, has made it their mission to inspire and further business growth in the ecosystem as well as develop talent and tell the stories of women entrepreneurs. Many of these accomplished and talented women have jumped off of the corporate ladder and found their own way to the top, inspiring and encouraging other women along the way. 

“Equality is a core value with Salesforce and this group is committed to leading with values, listening deeply to their communities, and creating equitable experiences for everyone who touches the ecosystem,” stated Minea Moore, Salesforce’s Ecosystem Diversity & Inclusion Director. 

Founders formed the Salesforce Women Founders Group in 2020 and since then, the group has joined together to create space for learning, connecting, and celebrating the success of women-owned businesses partnering with Salesforce.

Salesforce itself has made an ongoing commitment to gender equality by regularly assessing its representation, assuring fairness in equal pay, offering a generous parental leave program for new families and providing flexible work time. Coastal Cloud co-founder, Sara Hale, finds that life-work balance has been paramount in both her own journey and the journey her team members experience daily. 

“I left the traditional corporate world because I was tired of traveling and missing out on time with my family,” she shared. “When I decided to open my own consulting firm, I knew there would never be a time when I would require team members to choose between work and life like I had to do years ago. Women in tech should be empowered as both valuable team members and dedicated partners and/or mothers. The two worlds can exist together. That’s what our group is about.”

Some of the items discussed at the annual meeting included growing a business, identifying and overcoming obstacles, such as access to capital and talent recruitment, as well as increasing visibility among WBO’s in the ecosystem through customer success stories and combined marketing efforts. Several top executives from Salesforce addressed the group to specifically discuss channel relationships and building successful partnerships. 

To find out more about working with a diverse-owned partner to support your Salesforce implementation, project management, or use their solutions feature on AppExchange, visit Or, learn more about the Salesforce Women Founders Group here.


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