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Coastal Cloud Wins the GrowFL Distinguished Alumni Award

Coastal Cloud Wins the GrowFL Distinguished Alumni Award

Coastal Cloud announced it has been awarded GrowFL’s inaugural Distinguished Alumni Award, contributing to job creation in Florida and economic sustainability. Coastal Cloud credits this achievement in part to its unique business model and core principles which attract diverse talent resulting in a company of over 44% women, a statistic that breaks the mold in technology consulting.

Each year, GrowFL celebrates Florida’s top 50 second-stage companies for their innovation, growth, and community contributions. Coastal Cloud received the GrowFL Companies to Watch Award in 2015 at a time when the company consisted of 35 team members. Now in its tenth year of business, the Coastal Cloud team has grown to over 500 and has been named a leading Salesforce Consulting Partner across North America. Coastal Cloud was chosen as the only past recipient to receive the GrowFL Alumni Award this year and was honored with the award at the 12th Annual GrowFL Florida celebration at the Hard Rock Live in Orlando.

Founded in 2012, Coastal Cloud is a Salesforce Expert Partner providing consulting, implementation, and managed services for businesses, nonprofits, and the public sector. With a team of over 500 experts holding more than 1,700 Salesforce certifications, Coastal Cloud has been recognized by Salesforce for the past 3 years as the only winner of the Customer Success Award out of 2,200 partners worldwide.

“As the first Florida Companies to Watch Alumni Award winner, we are proud to represent the entrepreneurial spirit of our state. We are committed to continuing to build our business and contribute to the economic growth of our local community, the state of Florida and the country,” said Tim Hale, Coastal Cloud’s Co-Founder. “Congrats to our incredible team at Coastal Cloud. This award is a testament to their unwavering commitment, innovative spirit, and relentless pursuit of excellence in helping our clients. Without their passion, creativity, and hard work, we would not be where we are today.”

Former GrowFL honoree and award namesake, Barbara Stankoski, presented the award to Co-Founders  Sara and Tim Hale.

“There is nothing more exciting than to watch previous GrowFL Companies to Watch winners continue to grow and prosper while giving back to the community and supporting other small businesses in their journey,” said Barbara Stankowski. “I am honored to recognize Coastal Cloud as the first ever GrowFL Florida Companies to Watch Distinguished Alumni who exemplify all aspects of this award. They demonstrate success is sweeter when you focus on giving back, lending a helping hand, and paying it forward.”

About the GrowFL Distinguished Alumni Award

Inspired by 2012 Honoree, Barbara Stankowski, the GrowFL Florida Companies to Watch Distinguished Alumni Award was created to recognize past Honorees for their continued growth, innovation, community involvement, and impact on the state’s economy. After a distinguished 28-year career in the U.S. Navy, Stankowski founded her own business, AMTIS, Inc., providing services to commercial, federal, and state agencies. Under her leadership, AMTIS grew into a multimillion-dollar company, employing hundreds of people across the United States. 

About GrowFL

GrowFL is dedicated to supporting and accelerating the growth of second-stage companies throughout Florida, by providing their leaders with focused, efficient, and timely access to resources they deem important. Our programs provide connections with other second-stage company leaders, and to professional organizations whose expertise, experience, and products lead to the second-stage company’s continued growth and prosperity, resulting in the diversification and growth of Florida’s economy. Second-stage growth companies have at least 6 employees and $750 thousand in revenue and possess the intent and desire to grow beyond second-stage.


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