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Coastal Explains Salesforce Releases: Summer ‘24

Coastal Explains Salesforce Releases: Summer ‘24

Welcome to our guide to the Salesforce Summer ’24 release! There are tons of exciting updates that will empower every team and elevate your Salesforce game, and we’re here to explain the top features and what they mean for your Salesforce org.

Here’s a quick overview of what Salesforce has in store this season:

For Flow Enthusiasts: Flow automation gets a major upgrade with easier address entry, streamlined building tools, and dynamic, interactive elements.

For Data Wizards: Unlock new insights and integrations as Data Cloud becomes SOQL queryable and offers richer data enhancements.

For Admins: Simplify user management and streamline setup processes with lightning web components.

For Einstein Explorers: Unleash the power of AI with Einstein GPT (pilot).

For Service Gurus: Discover several Timeline updates to improve agent efficiency and impact.

Ready to dive into the latest Salesforce release? Read on or click any of the headings above to navigate to a specific section. Want to discuss how they can transform your business? Click below to talk to one of our experts.

For Flow Enthusiasts

The latest Salesforce release isn’t just about incremental improvements—it’s about transforming how you build and experience flows. From simplifying address data entry to empowering you to build more interactive and efficient flows, these updates will streamline how you work and deliver a more seamless user experience with fewer clicks.

  • Find Addresses Effortlessly: Say goodbye to manual address entry and potential errors! The new Native Google Address Lookup feature automatically populates accurate addresses, including proper support for State & Country picklists. This means less time spent on data entry and more confidence in your data accuracy.
  • Flow Building, Simplified: New operators like “Is Blank” and “Is Empty” make your flows cleaner and more efficient. You can also now check for duplicates before creating records in a flow, allowing you to create new or update existing records from the same element. This streamlines your automation processes and reduces the risk of creating duplicate data. Additional enhancements like the ability to view field-level audit history in Flow Builder and improved flow error emails make troubleshooting and maintaining flows even easier.
  • Create Interactive Experiences: Reactive elements like Repeaters (create multiple objects), Action buttons (allow you to query in the background & update elements on the same screen), and Conditional Disablement/Read-Only States take your flows to the next level. These features enable you to build more dynamic and responsive flows that adapt to user input, delivering a more engaging user experience.
  • Organize Your Flows: A new Automation Lightning App lets you categorize and subcategorize your flows, making managing and maintaining them easier, especially in orgs with tons of flows. This is particularly helpful for organizations with complex business processes and lots of automations.

For Data Wizards

The Summer ’24 release breaks down barriers to your data, giving you deeper access and insights. With new capabilities to query Data Cloud directly and enrich your existing data, you’ll be able to make more informed decisions, identify hidden opportunities, and drive your business forward with confidence.

  • Query Data Cloud with SOQL: Developers can now use SOQL (Salesforce Object Query Language) to directly query data stored in Data Cloud, making it significantly easier to integrate and leverage this valuable customer data within your Salesforce org. This opens up new possibilities for creating personalized customer experiences and targeted campaigns.
  • Enrich Your Data: Data Cloud enrichments are now available across more objects outside of accounts and contacts, giving you a deeper understanding of your customers and their relationships. This means you can access more comprehensive and accurate data, essential for making informed decisions and tailoring your services.

For Admins

As the backbone of your Salesforce org, admins need tools that simplify their work and empower users. The Summer ’24 release delivers features designed to streamline user management, enhance the setup experience, and guide users toward greater proficiency.

  • Centralized User Access: The new User Access Summary screens provide a comprehensive, consolidated view of all user permissions and access, making it easier to manage and troubleshoot user access issues in one central location.
  • Modernized Setup: Salesforce is starting to use Lightning Web Components for setup pages, which means a more intuitive, modern, and consistent admin experience is on the horizon, similar to the improved user experience with the Native Google Address Lookup in flows.

For Einstein Explorers

Salesforce continues to push the boundaries of AI with the Summer ’24 release, introducing features that empower you to automate tasks, gain insights, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

  • Einstein GPT (Pilot): Experience the power of generative AI within Salesforce. Einstein GPT can generate personalized emails, create knowledge articles, and even help you write code, boosting productivity across your organization. This groundbreaking technology has the potential to revolutionize how you interact with customers and streamline your internal processes.

For Service Gurus

Elevate your customer service with a more informed and efficient Timeline to help agents quickly understand the context of any issue and offer more tailored solutions.

  • Personalized Support with Summaries: Timeline summaries give your agents a quick overview of past interactions, saving them time and ensuring they have the most relevant information at their fingertips. This translates to quicker response times and more personalized interactions, boosting customer satisfaction.
  • Data Graph for Faster Insights: The new data graph feature helps agents access customer data faster than ever before. This means they can resolve issues more efficiently and proactively address customer needs, creating a smoother and more positive service experience.

That’s a Wrap

That’s a wrap on our deep dive into the Salesforce Summer ’24 Release highlights! 

Do you have questions about how these updates can specifically benefit your organization? Or are you curious about best practices for implementing these new features?

If so, we’re here to help! Click below to speak with one of our Salesforce experts. They’re ready to guide you through maximizing the potential of these new features for your business.

Coastal Expert Contributors: Christopher Bruce, Sam Taylor, Matt Houston, Jake Breunig, Aaron Crosman, JP Owens

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