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Dreamforce 2022: Healthcare Recap

Dreamforce 2022: Healthcare Recap

One of the biggest challenges facing the health industry is health equity. Patient access to healthcare directly impacts health outcomes. At Dreamforce 2022, Coastal Cloud’s team of Salesforce Consultants gathered to hear from industry leaders as they discussed the ways that Salesforce aims to bridge the gap between health organizations and consumers. We also learned the many ways that providers are looking to create a more personalized experience for their patients as the demand for virtual medical solutions grow.

Read on to learn more about how Salesforce plans to utilize real-time data to create personalized, customer centric experiences that build trust in patients and bring equity to access.

Key Takeaways

  • Using Data to Drive Access and EquityHaving a data-first mindset was a common theme at Dreamforce 2022. Data is key to understanding your patient and being able to provide them with a personalized experience. As a healthcare facilitator, personalization and engagement are vital when forging patient relationships and fostering equity to healthcare access.
  • Automation
    There is a substantial divide in health equity for consumers. This is affected by factors such as demographic, geography, financial components, language and health literacy. Automation can help break down this barrier by simplifying complicated tasks, eliminating silos and increasing efficiency, which makes more time for patient care. Through virtual access to health platforms, accessibility is now more feasible than ever.
  • Personalized Experiences
    Using real-time data can profoundly affect your patient’s experience. Personalizing patient experiences is a great way to make insightful and timely decisions in patient care.
  • Engagement Across All Channels
    Engagement across multiple channels helps you build an insightful 360 degree profile of your patient.
  • Bridging the Gap with SalesforceCustomer 360 for Health Cloud collects real-time patient data connecting patient, provider and payer. Salesforce Genie for Health aims to tackle health equity with innovation. It will revolutionize patient care by offering real-time insights that optimize care interventions, automate health workflows and give patients a more intelligent and personalized experience. It will unify the customer profile, providing more personal engagement with cross-channel data in real-time.According to Amit Khanna, SVP of Product Management for Health Cloud at Salesforce, the World Health Organization predicts a 15 million person shortage in health workers by 2030 in low or low middle income countries. (WHO reference) Meanwhile, there are over 6 billion smartphone users globally. With Virtual Care through Salesforce Genie patients will have access to quality care from anywhere without even having to log on to a portal. Patients will be able to book appointments at their convenience and providers will be able to engage with their patients both pre and post visit. Care providers will be able to see a 360 degree profile of their patient’s history and habits.Salesforce Genie for Health will allow providers to generate unified health scoring. This gives providers the ability to intelligently analyze data that is both clinical and non-clinical. This will help them make more informed actions with alerts in real-time leading to more optimal outcomes. Advanced therapy Management will help providers efficiently tackle the challenges of more complex care.New Health Cloud innovations such as Flow for Health Cloud , Provider Network Management , Intelligent Sales for MedTech and Unified Health Scoring powered by Genie will build a more personalized customer experience.

Dreamforce Session Recaps

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Through new innovations, Salesforce aims to tackle the issues of access and equity in healthcare.

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Health Cloud Roadmap: Drive Efficiency in Health

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