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Dreamforce 2022: Nonprofit Recap

Dreamforce 2022: Nonprofit Recap

Dreamforce 2022 brought new advances in Salesforce technology geared toward nonprofits. It highlighted strengthening connections, digitization, and a more efficient use of data. Speakers shared insights into how their organizations have used these advancements to forge stronger relationships that focus on creating change for good.

Read on to learn how real-time data can help nonprofits streamline their operations and create greater impact.

Key Takeaways

  • Simplify and Streamline Data and OperationsNonprofits aim to drive change and create impact. With many moving parts it can be difficult to oversee and organize so much data in an efficient way. Data spanning multiple sources and platforms can create issues with security and complicate the ability to analyze and automate it.
  • Build Connection
    Organizations want to improve engagement and strengthen relationships with staff, stakeholders and volunteers. By utilizing critical intelligence and automating processes, nonprofits can create a solid and forward thinking digital strategy.
  • How Salesforce Will Drive Change in the Nonprofit Industry
    Data Lake, driven by AWS, integrates the best of Salesforce and AWS. This helps organizations create more efficient data strategies by spanning several Clouds and benefitting from the two platforms simultaneously. Tableau can be utilized to gain important insights from this data. Creating a data lake can seem daunting but Salesforce and AWS have developed a low complexity pathway for setup. Salesforce Genie for Nonprofits will improve stakeholder engagement and create personalized experiences through automation, intelligence, and real-time response. Stakeholder 360 powered by Genie gives you a connected view of all individuals in your organization’s orbit, with real-time insights. As more people and businesses veer towards cashless transactions, Experience Cloud for Nonprofits has now added a feature to enable enhanced recurring donation features where donors and volunteers can utilize a portal to manage donations. We heard from KWF, a non-profit, fundraising in the Netherlands for Cancer research. They utilized Salesforce to automate their organization–integrating an app that streamlined their outreach and volunteer operations. They saw a 25% increase in donations by integrating cashless donation features. They made intelligent and informed observations through data that helped them better understand their communities and volunteers.

Dreamforce Session Recaps

Non-profit Keynote: Drive Your Mission Forward

Listen to speakers from Year Up, KWF and the William Penn. Foundation discuss how they use Salesforce to drive their nonprofit and create greater impact.

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Developing a Data Strategy with Salesforce, AWS and Tableau

Learn how Data Lake, powered by AWS, is revolutionizing data strategy.

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(Mis)Adventures in Digital Transformation

SSI shares insight into navigating their digital transformation.

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