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Dreamforce 2022: Public Sector Recap

Dreamforce 2022: Public Sector Recap

Dreamforce 2022’s Public Sector sessions were filled with new and innovative ways for government agencies to better serve their citizens. We heard stories from speakers who shared their experiences working for and with the government and how they utilized Salesforce to quickly adapt in times of need and offer accessible gateways for programs and assistance.

Building trust in government by creating solutions with citizens in mind is vital. Personalized experiences will help agencies connect with their constituents and give them the resources they need to thrive.

Key Takeaways

  • Providing Fast, Efficient, and Accessible Solutions
    Being able to adapt quickly and provide accessible solutions to citizens’ needs will help governments serve their constituents more effectively and efficiently.
  • Building Solutions with Citizens at Mind
    Governments should aim to build customer centric solutions. Real-time data can create a full-scale foundation and better view of citizens – allowing agencies to more effectively serve individuals’ needs.
  • Salesforce Solutions
    Genie can modernize government service experiences and break down data silos through automation by collecting real-time data and intelligence. This provides citizens with easier, faster, and more efficient service. Governments can create platforms that are home to 360 customer views – allowing them to more deeply understand an individual. This gives key insights that are essential to serving citizens’ needs. Easy service through Next Best Action, Real-time Eligibility, and Any Channel Outreach aid agencies in facilitating better experiences. These experiences build trust and relationships. Automated Approvals, Team Collaboration, and Performance Insights increase efficiency in programs and provide seamless service to citizens. Customer 360 Platform and Public Sector Solutions make processing information and data easy. They provide the foundation for successful, secure engagement and relationship management by offering Tableau insights, case management from Service Cloud and Public Sector Solutions as well as Slack and MuleSoft integrations.

Dreamforce Session Recaps

Public Sector Keynote: Modernize for Speed, Scale & Impact

Hear how governments are using Salesforce to digitize their services and offer faster, more accessible solutions.

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Ready? Create Customer Centric Services Now

Create apps that satisfy and serve constituents needs.

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Streamline the Entire Grants Lifecycle

Simplify the grants lifecycle through Salesforce.

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