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From Applications to Alumni: Data Cloud Use Cases for Higher Education Success

From Applications to Alumni: Data Cloud Use Cases for Higher Education Success

Higher education is evolving. Today’s students are digital natives with high expectations for personalized experiences. At the same time, institutions are under pressure to boost enrollment, increase retention, and maximize alumni engagement—all while navigating complex regulatory landscapes and limited resources. 

The good news is the data you already have holds the key to addressing these challenges. The bad news is that this valuable data is often trapped in siloed systems, preventing your institution from understanding and meeting students’ needs effectively.

But what if you could tap into that data’s potential? Imagine a world where you could harness every bit of student information to create personalized learning journeys, proactively address challenges, and foster meaningful connections. Salesforce Data Cloud makes this possible.

With Data Cloud, you can break down data silos, connect the dots across student information systems, and gain a holistic view of each individual. This empowers you to make informed, data-driven decisions that enhance the student experience, optimize resource allocation, and truly differentiate your institution.

Higher Ed Data Cloud Use Cases

Let’s explore some real-world examples of how Data Cloud is helping higher education institutions achieve transformational results.

Find Best Fit Students

Admissions isn’t just about filling seats; it’s about finding the right students—those who will thrive academically, contribute to campus life, and ultimately become engaged alumni. But how do you go beyond GPAs and test scores to identify these ideal candidates?

Data Cloud offers a powerful tool for finding your best-fit students. By analyzing the traits of your most successful alumni—their academic performance, extracurricular involvement, and even their engagement with your digital platforms—you can uncover hidden patterns and create ideal student personas.

Equipped with this information, your admissions team can proactively target outreach efforts, connecting with students who not only have academic potential but also align with your institution’s unique culture and values. 

This targeted approach not only improves retention and graduation rates but also fosters a stronger, more connected student body that thrives both on and off campus.

Get Ahead of Retention or Melt Risk

Picture a student struggling academically, financially, or socially. Early warning signs might be scattered across different systems—a missed billing payment, declining class attendance, or disengagement from campus life. It’s tragically easy for these students to fall through the cracks.

Data Cloud gives you the power to change that narrative. It pulls together data from your Education Cloud, marketing automation, billing, registration, housing, and other systems, creating a more complete picture of student activity. This allows you to pinpoint patterns in the data and identify those who might be slipping away.

With this insight, you can create a better early warning system that proactively alerts the right staff members. Now, instead of scrambling to react when it might be too late, you can offer timely support tailored to that student’s specific needs.

The impact? Increased opportunities for student success. By identifying and addressing challenges early, you can help ensure more students reach their academic goals and thrive at your institution.

Increase Alumni Giving

Cultivating strong relationships with alumni isn’t just about asking for donations; it’s about fostering a lifelong connection that resonates with their passions and interests. But how can you truly understand what your alumni care about when their data lives in scattered systems?

Data Cloud paints a vivid picture of your alumni community. By drawing together information from your CRM, social media platforms, website interactions, and other sources, it creates a comprehensive profile for each individual. You’ll gain insight into not just their donation history but also the events that excite them, the causes they champion, and even how they prefer to be contacted.

Imagine being able to send a personalized message to an alum who’s passionate about environmental sustainability, inviting them to an upcoming lecture featuring a renowned researcher in the field. Or tailoring a fundraising campaign for alumni who were deeply involved in athletics during their student days.

This level of personalization fosters a deeper connection and ignites enthusiasm, which in turn, drives increased giving and builds a more vibrant, engaged alumni network that champions your institution for years to come.

Personalized Engagement with Prospective Students

Imagine you’re a high school senior overwhelmed by college choices. Wouldn’t you prefer a university that speaks directly to your interests, offers tailored guidance, and makes the application process feel like a personalized journey?

That’s the power Data Cloud brings to prospective student engagement. Gone are the days of generic brochures and mass emails. By integrating Data Cloud with your Marketing and Education Clouds, you can create personalized experiences that resonate with each individual.

As prospective students explore your website, Data Cloud tracks their clicks and interests. It notices if they linger on the marine biology page or delve into the pre-med program. This data empowers you to present them with relevant information on application steps, potential career paths, and even stories of alumni success in their fields of interest.

This kind of personalized journey does more than just inform—it guides. It anticipates questions, removes obstacles, and empowers prospective students to make informed decisions. 

The result? A smoother, more satisfying application process that leads to increased applications, higher yield rates, and a campus full of students who truly feel like they belong.

See Data Cloud in Action

Ready to unlock the power of Data Cloud for your institution? Coastal brings a unique combination of knowledge and experience:

  • Higher Ed Focus: We work with Higher Education institutions and understand their specific systems and challenges. 
  • Practical Solutions: We provide hands-on expertise and guidance, not abstract possibilities.
  • Rapid Results: We get you up and running quickly so you can see value from day one.

Free Data Cloud Workshop

Take Data Cloud for a spin inside our org with a free Data Cloud Workshop run by our certified experts. Define specific use cases for your institution and learn how to make them a reality. 


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