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Hiring Our Heroes Program

Hiring Our Heroes Program

Coastal Cloud Welcomes Three New Fellows

Here at Coastal Cloud, we are proud to have many U.S. veterans on our team. We have long been a supporter of programs that both train and support veterans and appreciate the special skills that these team members bring to our organization. 

In 2022, we begin a new chapter as we partner with the Hiring our Heroes Fellows Program. This program, run by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, connects veterans, transitioning service members, and military spouses with meaningful career opportunities. The program even provides those eligible with free Salesforce training enabling our nation’s military community to engage in a world-class career curriculum. 

Many of our current team members at Coastal Cloud have come through this program or have been part of the Salesforce Military Alliance (formerly Vetforce). One of these new team members is Masen Knight. Masen spent most of his career serving his country and community. After serving 7 years in the U.S. Air Force, Masen moved into communications at 911 emergency services and then went on to join his local Police Department. He stumbled onto Salesforce and quickly began his newest career journey.

Masen attributes landing his employment with Coastal Cloud to his initial link to the Salesforce Military group and the Hiring our Heroes program. He explains that after joining the group and attaining certifications, he was able to gain special access to available positions with veteran-friendly companies.

Masen encourages his veteran colleagues to take advantage of these programs to connect with other vets who are moving through the same steps and gather resources that will help in the transition to civilian employment. 

This January, we welcome three Fellows to our team for the 12-week program, including;

John Lyon is a Navy veteran, serving in Naples, Italy and Rota Spain. His most recent experience has been in the nonprofit world, providing Salesforce Administration and managing nonprofit programs related to housing and the Summer Food program. John recently earned his Black Sash in Tai Chi, and enjoys RVing with his family.

Dawn White joins us with a background in marketing research and business intelligence for the financial services industry. To expand her MarTech skills, she recently became a Salesforce Trailblazer and is 2X certified. As a military brat and spouse, she’s moved 17 times and lived in Germany three separate times. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, skiing, traveling, reading, crafting, and being with her dogs.

Jose Torres is a Marine Corps veteran who served 9 years as cryogenic technician and career counselor deploying to Japan, Kyrgyzstan & Ukraine. He has spent the last 10 years primarily as a research associate and data analyst focusing in EEG research. During this time he earned his M.S. in Psychology (Cognitive) from the University of Michigan where he also served as project manager and laboratory supervisor. He currently resides in Tampa, Florida and enjoys running, long-form podcasts, and upgrading his tech skills. He is a recently certified Salesforce Administrator.

We look forward to continuing our support of veterans by promoting the efforts of Hiring our Heroes, Salesforce Military Alliance and the other programs that serve the needs of the military community. 


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