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How Coastal Transforms Grants Management with Salesforce

How Coastal Transforms Grants Management with Salesforce

At Salesforce World Tour D.C., Coastal’s President and Co-founder Sara Hale led a short but powerful grants management session. She explored how Salesforce can help state and local governments turn the complex world of grants into a force for far-reaching change. 

This means tapping into staggering resources—like the $2.8 trillion in federal funding distributed in FY 2021 alone—and making sure every dollar translates into meaningful impact for communities.

Our recap dives into the ‘why’ behind the ‘how,’ showing agencies how to cut through red tape and get the most out of funding investments. Here’s a powerful statement from Sara’s talk that sums up this mission:

Billions of dollars in funding are available, yet communities struggle to access them. Today, I’ll show you how Salesforce streamlines this process and unlocks the true impact of these programs.

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The Evolving Grant Landscape: Opportunity & Responsibility

Federal funding might seem like abstract numbers, but remember:

  • $29.6 billion spent in FY 2020 on disaster relief means families rebuilding homes.
  • $42.4 billion for broadband expansion through BEAD means connecting students and creating economic opportunities.
  • $75 billion for green workforce development translates to good jobs and a healthier environment.

As Sara noted, “It’s a lot of money, so it’s important that you have all the audit trails and the checks in there to make sure it all gets expended correctly.” 

Agencies are on the frontlines of turning these dollars into progress, juggling complex requirements, program administration, and public expectations.

Unlocking Potential with Coastal & Salesforce

Coastal’s Salesforce-based solutions address the real-world complexities of grants management head-on. Picture what’s possible:

Centralized Control: A System that Works for You, Not Against You

Imagine ditching spreadsheets and outdated systems in favor of a single, adaptable platform designed specifically for grants. Centralized control provides end-to-end visibility, from applications and eligibility checks to award disbursement and impact reporting. This isn’t just about convenience—it’s about making often overlooked resources accessible to those who need them, like the $100 million in scholarships that go unclaimed each year.

Streamlined Processes: From Bottlenecks to Breakthroughs  

Standardizing workflows across grants, regardless of funding source, cuts through red tape. This translates to faster disaster relief for families, targeted job training for the unemployed, and the rapid rollout of crucial infrastructure projects. Streamlining means more than just speed—it eliminates applicants’ frustrations and frees up agency staff for high-value tasks.

Data-Driven Decisions: More Than Reporting, It’s About Results  

Imagine going beyond regulatory reporting and tapping into the power of your grant data. Salesforce’s built-in analytics tools allow you to improve existing programs, pinpoint areas for growth, and make informed funding decisions with a focus on outcomes. This is about demonstrating success, justifying future funding, and ensuring every dollar goes as far as it can in improving lives.

The Future of Funding Management is AI-Powered, Proactive, and People-Focused

As Sara highlighted, grants management is evolving. Historically, the core focus was ensuring compliance and disbursing funds. But now, agencies have the potential to use their wealth of funding data to tell a more powerful story: a story of outcomes and impact. 

This is where Coastal’s expertise with Salesforce’s AI and Data Cloud tools can make all the difference, empowering agencies to:

  • Predict Program Potential: AI algorithms can analyze existing data to predict the likely success of different program models. This allows agencies to maximize their investment even before the program launches.
  • Target Resources Where They Count: Understanding demographics, economic indicators, and historical data enables targeted decision-making, ensuring funds have the greatest impact where they’re most needed.
  • Craft Compelling, Data-Driven Narratives: AI and data visualization tools can transform raw data into compelling narratives about program effectiveness, making a powerful case to stakeholders and the public.

The future of grants management isn’t just about efficiency; it’s about making a measurable difference in communities. AI-fueled insights turn agencies into proactive changemakers.

Time to Act

Outdated tools can’t meet the needs of our communities. Coastal’s grants management solutions offer a powerful alternative, unlocking funding, accelerating aid delivery, and empowering data-driven decisions. These aren’t just improvements—they’re a path to measurable change in the communities you serve. 

If you’re ready to see this transformation, connect with Coastal to see how we can streamline your grant processes and maximize your programs’ impact.


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