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Salesforce Days Summer Session Challenge Benefits Clients

Salesforce Days Summer Session Challenge Benefits Clients

Coastal Cloud was one of just 20 Salesforce partners nominated to participate in the Salesforce Days Challenge held globally from June 1 through Aug 31, 2022. With our sights set high, our team of Salesforce Consultants not only met but exceeded our goals gaining hundreds of new Salesforce credentials. 

In total, our team gained 256 new Salesforce credentials with 149 individuals gaining a new credential and 215 new Salesforce certifications achieved. In addition, we were thrilled to announce Matthew Delello as our Salesforce Days Champion with 12 new credentials earned. Matt ranked first place globally for certifications achieved across all participating partners. On top of his client work, this was an incredible achievement, and we salute him for his outstanding efforts!

Congratulations to everyone who participated in this challenge. We are so proud of you and as the 3-time #1 global winner for Customer Success within the Salesforce ecosystem, we look forward to sharing all that we have learned with our clients. 


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