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Webinar: Accelerating Emergency Management Response Teamwork with Slack

Webinar: Accelerating Emergency Management Response Teamwork with Slack

The National Weather Service has recently made the decision to migrate to Slack as the next generation of the NWSChat service, specifically for emergency response. The evolution to Slack for NWS Chat 2.0 will include building functionality, testing, and training for NWS employees and the thousands of external NWSChat collaborators in the emergency management, public safety, meteorology, and broadcast sectors.

Learn how Slack and Salesforce:

  • Allow emergency responders to anticipate, monitor, and manage incidents for natural disasters, humanitarian crises, and other emergencies.
  • Speed up emergency response times by creating one centralized connected channel for alerts, responders, internal departments, external agencies, tools, and data.
  • Can be used to manage the entire lifecycle of a disaster, including tracking critical needs, lifelines, infrastructure, evacuation, sheltering, and much more.


  • Mark Whittington, Head of Public Sector – North America at Slack
  • Sara Hale, President and Co-Founder at Coastal Cloud
  • George Jungbluth, Acting Director of the Dissemination Program at the National Weather Service

Watch the On-Demand Webinar

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