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The Best of Dreamforce 2021 Healthcare

The Best of Dreamforce 2021 Healthcare

Digital Transformation Solutions: Bringing Healthcare Home

At Dreamforce 2021, Salesforce’s biggest event of the year, there were many exciting discussions of how technology is being used to revolutionize the healthcare and life sciences industry. We heard from experts in the field on how they are utilizing Salesforce platforms to improve healthcare access, build trusted relationships with patients, and optimize service options–all while using low-code, low-cost solutions.

During this ongoing pandemic, HLS services have been accelerated like never before, and companies are scrambling to find ways to quickly meet the skyrocketing needs of patients without compromising quality of care. Implementing platforms in record time has not been easy, but Salesforce platforms are being using to help companies do just that by addressing a couple key industry trends:

  • The continued focus on improving the triad metrics of cost, quality, and access
  • Addressing obstacles to healthcare access through such services as Telehealth, Home Healthcare, and Health Hubs

The Triad Metrics: Cost, Care, and Access

According to a Salesforce’s State of the Connected Customer Report, 84% of consumers say their experience with a company is as important as its products and services, so affordability, quality, and accessibility must be at the forefront of any strategy. Intelligent care management, such as collecting the right data, paying attention to specialized services that are on the market, and making sure patients feel heard are all pillars of addressing these metrics.

Coastal Cloud has addressed these metrics with our Care4COVID Solutions. Built on the Salesforce platform, Care4COVID helps governments and healthcare and community organizations ensure access and distribution of care supplies and financial recovery resources during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Care4COVID solution’s key capabilities include:

  • Citizen Portal: Provides vaccine administration teams the information they need to quickly administer the vaccine upon arrival, as well as monitor their potential recipient outcomes and next vaccination in the series.
  • Vaccination Appointment Scheduling: Allows individuals to schedule appointments online while safely performing health prerequisite surveys and prioritizing risk levels. Once the appointment is scheduled, individuals receive a barcode-driven appointment confirmation via email and text.
  • Vaccine Management:  Onboard new site locations quickly with a contactless on-site registration process that begins with a barcode scan or confirmation code verification, followed by a step-by-step process of guided information steps for the vaccination administration team. Document the vaccination details including injection location, lot number and provider name; and then guide on-site personnel through prioritized observation of vaccine recipients for potential reactions prior to departure.
  • Inventory Management: Easily customize dashboards and reports that show inventory by provider, including scheduled shipments and confirmation of quantity received versus quantity projected. Site administrators can see inventory across multiple locations alongside appointments to make sure inventory is properly allocated. New mapping features can vividly highlight where ‘vaccine deserts’ exist, allowing government organizations to pivot and identify community groups or members with greater vaccine resource needs.The power of analytics and the Salesforce platform allows government organizations to comply with HIPAA as they map and track vaccine administration to individuals in real-time.

Addressing Access-to-Care Issues with Digital Health Services

A disheartening statistic from the Connected Customer report reveals that 47% of consumers feel that the healthcare industry cares more about meeting industry needs than patient needs, reflecting a substantial trust gap. As healthcare becomes more complex, people are looking at healthcare the way they are any other product on the market; it should be personalized, accessible, and affordable. And yet, real-life socioeconomic and health circumstances continue to throw up substantial roadblocks to care for some of the most vulnerable patients. Nothing has highlighted this like COVID, and Salesforce technology has played a key role in providing digital solutions to address some of these issues.

Perhaps one of the most exciting examples of this is Coastal Cloud’s Vaccination Management solution. Partnering with CDR Maguire, disaster health and medicine logistics and site experts, this program helped administer more than two million vaccinations in Florida in only 90 days. 

The world is currently facing the challenge of organizing the distribution of billions of vaccine doses, and technology can play a critical role in doing it efficiently, effectively and equitably,” said Tyler Prince, Executive Vice President, Worldwide Alliances and Channels, Salesforce. “Salesforce is proud to innovate with partners like Coastal Cloud in developing vaccine solutions.”

Coastal Cloud has supported the State of Florida, the Florida Department of Health and FEMA since the beginning of the pandemic in a variety of capacities, assisting 53 counties across the state.

The Time Is Now

The healthcare and life sciences fields cannot afford to lag behind other industries when it comes to technology, and COVID has taught us this. Many HLS organizations stepped up in phenomenal ways during this time, rolling out massive vaccination projects in record time, collecting and tracking lifesaving data, and working tirelessly to try to better understand and curb this pandemic. We at Coastal Cloud are invested in helping you meet your goals so we can have a healthier future and a better now. To hear more inspirational stories, visit Salesforce+.


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